Business Relationship Manager

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Overview: LRW is a leading global analytics and insights consultancy, providing full service, custom research and consulting engagements.&nbsp;We&nbsp;advise&nbsp;world class brands on strategy, branding, communications, product development, innovation and customer experience,&nbsp;and&nbsp;are&nbsp;recognized as one of the&nbsp;world&rsquo;s&nbsp;most innovative&nbsp;and fastest growing&nbsp;market research firms.&nbsp;Headquartered in LA and with over&nbsp;900 employees&nbsp;in&nbsp;10+&nbsp;offices (US, London),&nbsp;the LRW Group generates over&nbsp;$200 million in revenue. Clients span a&nbsp;wide range of industries, including entertainment and media, technology, consumer packaged goods, retail, financial.&nbsp;business services, automotive,&nbsp;and&nbsp;pharmaceuticals.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; <br /><br />In line with&nbsp;LRW IT&rsquo;s mission of&nbsp;People First,&nbsp;the Business Applications team&nbsp;needs someone who can step into ambiguity,&nbsp;build &amp; sustain relationships&nbsp;and confidently navigate&nbsp;the business to making the right technology&nbsp;choices&nbsp;in&nbsp;LRW's entrepreneurial, customer-focused &amp; results oriented culture - which is where the&nbsp;Business Relationship Manager&nbsp;comes in&hellip;&nbsp;  &nbsp; <br /><br />Reporting to the VP of IT&nbsp;(on an interim basis) as a member of the Business Applications team, the&nbsp;Business Relationship Manager&nbsp;(BRM)&nbsp;is a talented IT generalist, capable of&nbsp;guiding and&nbsp;facilitating&nbsp;&ldquo;adult conversations&rdquo;&nbsp;about IT&nbsp;with&nbsp;Departments&nbsp;across the business,&nbsp;wherever &amp; whenever&nbsp;the need arises. They readily partner with any team or individual, at any level, to&nbsp;understand the&nbsp;Department(s)&rsquo;&nbsp;demands &amp; requirements, identify appropriate experts &amp; partners and bring these&nbsp;resources&nbsp;together to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions, helping to&nbsp;fulfil&nbsp;LRW IT's mission of&nbsp;People First. They appreciate nuance, but fight complexity, motivated by the satisfaction of faster, more reliable outcomes for&nbsp;their Department(s), and are energised by exposure to the full gamut of&nbsp;relationship management topics, from solution requirements gathering &amp; business process mapping, to solution architecture &amp; design, to project &amp; operational management of delivered solutions.&nbsp; &nbsp; <br /><br />WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE?&nbsp; <br /><br />A successful&nbsp;Business Relationship&nbsp;Manager&nbsp;will have&nbsp;mastered the art of relationship management, successfully representing&nbsp;a&nbsp;group&nbsp;of very&nbsp;engaged&nbsp;&amp; loyal&nbsp;customers&nbsp;from&nbsp;the Department(s) they&rsquo;ve focused on. Having&nbsp;developed&nbsp;a deep understanding of the&nbsp;demands,&nbsp;needs&nbsp;&amp; ways of working&nbsp;of the&nbsp;Department(s), the BRM will have&nbsp;delivered&nbsp;solutions&nbsp;that&nbsp;&ldquo;just&nbsp;work&rdquo;&nbsp;without being noticed,&nbsp;built&nbsp;confidence &amp; trust&nbsp;with&nbsp;their business counterparts, IT colleagues, partners &amp; vendors alike, and&nbsp;be&nbsp;armed with the&nbsp;experience &amp; know-how to take on bigger opportunities in any IT governance, people management&nbsp;or program/project management&nbsp;discipline they have a passion for.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
Responsibilities: PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES:&nbsp; <br /><br />Strategy&nbsp; <ul> <li>Engage &amp; support&nbsp;LRW IT's leadership in discovering&nbsp;IT's&nbsp;current state, and defining IT's future state;&nbsp;</li> <li>Drive &amp; facilitate&nbsp;discussions between&nbsp;Department(s)&rsquo; points of contact&nbsp;and&nbsp;LRW IT&rsquo;s service owners&nbsp;&amp;&nbsp;extended teams, ensuring the right people are involved at the right time on the right topics;&nbsp;</li> <li>Determine &amp;&nbsp;prioritise&nbsp;the&nbsp;people, process &amp; technology solutions&nbsp;that will deliver the best IT outcomes for&nbsp;the Department(s),&nbsp;LRW's end users and ultimately, our clients;&nbsp;</li> <li>Engage &amp;&nbsp;energise&nbsp;the Department(s) on their use of technology, and help them to understand where they can get the most &ldquo;bang for their buck&rdquo;, without stepping on landmines;&nbsp;</li> <li>Navigate &amp; negotiate&nbsp;the Department(s)&nbsp;and LRW IT teams&nbsp;through competing priorities, conflicting agendas and anything else that may detract&nbsp;from delivering on our mission of&nbsp;People First;&nbsp;</li> <li>Manage &amp; own&nbsp;the applications, products, processes &amp; services that&nbsp;support the Department(s)&rsquo; technology, privacy &amp; security&nbsp;needs in an effective, customer-centric manner.&nbsp;</li> </ul> Execution:&nbsp; <ul> <li>Partner deeply&nbsp;with&nbsp;Department(s),&nbsp;LRW IT&nbsp;and Security&nbsp;teams to&nbsp;detect, select, implement &amp;&nbsp;run&nbsp;the right processes and technology&nbsp;solutions&nbsp;for their people;&nbsp;</li> <li>Communicate engagingly&nbsp;with IT and&nbsp;Department&nbsp;stakeholders to ensure alignment, manage expectations, and&nbsp;demonstrate&nbsp;the value&nbsp;&amp; maturity&nbsp;of LRW IT's&nbsp;focus on Business Applications;&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Relentlessly drive&nbsp;a business &amp; end user focused IT culture that delivers on our mission of&nbsp;People First, easily pivoting from &ldquo;No&rdquo; to &ldquo;How&rdquo; when faced with challenges;&nbsp;</li> <li>Bring structure to ambiguity&nbsp;by proposing &amp; implementing solutions, while remaining flexible in, and responsive to, our entrepreneurial, customer-focused results-oriented culture;&nbsp;</li> <li>Bring insight &amp; know-how&nbsp;to due diligence, planning &amp; integration of acquired companies;&nbsp;</li> <li>Identify &amp; mitigate risks, by taking proactive steps to prevent undesirable outcomes;&nbsp;</li> <li>Establish &amp; monitor key performance indicators&nbsp;that show clearly&nbsp;whether the Departments&rsquo; processes&nbsp;and&nbsp;technology is&nbsp;delivering on its promise, or&nbsp;where we need&nbsp;it&nbsp;to improve;&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Support&nbsp;LRW IT teams to&nbsp;understand the Department(s)&rsquo; IT Service landscape, ensuring good solutions are well understood and continuously&nbsp;improved&nbsp;upon by all teams.&nbsp;</li> </ul>
Requirements: Functional:&nbsp; <ul> <li>Done it:&nbsp;7+ years' experience in IT governance topics - project management,&nbsp;customer success management,&nbsp;service management, enterprise architecture or similar;&nbsp;</li> <li>Know it:&nbsp;Undergraduate degree in a related field of study or equivalent commercial &amp; industry-certifiable experience (ITIL, COBIT, PMBOK, Prince2,&nbsp;etc);&nbsp;</li> <li>Show it:&nbsp;Demonstrable experience in converting complex business needs into&nbsp;fit-for-purpose, straightforward&nbsp;solutions, with well-managed execution and robust transition to operations;&nbsp;</li> <li>Do it:&nbsp;Strong program/project management knowledge &amp; skills, covering planning and execution, specifically ensuring solutions are made by &amp; transitioned to LRW IT teams&nbsp;and partners&nbsp;- not held on to by the&nbsp;Business Relationship Manage&nbsp;forever.&nbsp;</li> </ul> Competencies:&nbsp; <ul> <li>An innovator, extremely creative and constantly looking for ways to improve&nbsp;the Department(s)&rsquo;&nbsp;ways of working;&nbsp;</li> <li>A relationship builder&nbsp;and a team player who identifies &amp; promotes best practices to colleagues, counterparts and partners alike, ensuring the case for change is&nbsp;internalised&nbsp;by their peers&nbsp;and partners&nbsp;through influence &amp; persuasion;&nbsp;</li> <li>A multi-tasker, able to work in a fast-paced environment without getting overwhelmed easily;&nbsp;</li> <li>An eye for detail, always ready to put in the extra effort to deliver polished, well-formed IT solutions to LRW;&nbsp;</li> <li>Mindful of the employee experience&nbsp;- articulate, confident &amp; well-spoken in all forms of communication, comfortable to be the voice of our customer to LRW IT, and the face of LRW IT to our customers;&nbsp;</li> <li>Looking to get in on the ground floor of something very exciting by building an IT&nbsp;organisation&nbsp;that:&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>has influence because we&rsquo;ve earned it (we don&rsquo;t talk about &ldquo;having a seat at the table&rdquo;)&nbsp;</li> <li>has trust from teams, employees and leadership (even when we&nbsp;have to&nbsp;deliver tough news or make hard choices)&nbsp;</li> <li>Truly delivers on our mission of&nbsp;People First.&nbsp;</li> </ul>