Analyst, Quantitative Research

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Overview: We are looking for a motivated quantitative research analyst who is interested in learning how to do superior research and consulting while working with some of the best in the industry.&nbsp;In this role, we need you to be naturally curious and have a passion for understanding human behavior.&nbsp;A high level of motivation and excellent communication skills are required to manage an incredibly diverse slate of work, clients, and team personalities.&nbsp; Flexibility to work on multiple projects, a natural aptitude for organization, and deadline-driven deliverable creation are equally important in this fast-paced environment.&nbsp; We are looking for someone who can deliver amidst the dynamic nature of workload and pace inherent in a client service business.&nbsp; You should have&nbsp;very strong Excel and PowerPoint skills, be able to run basic statistical analyses, display&nbsp;the creativity needed for writing effective questionnaires, and be&nbsp;very comfortable multi-tasking.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Project management responsibilities are threefold.&nbsp; You need to be able to (with support and guidance), effectively manage the following:</li> <ul> <li>Handle logistics for quantitative research projects, including maintaining organization and timelines among the internal team, scheduling and planning research engagements, monitoring fielding (with the ability and desire to learn how to manage both &ldquo;up&rdquo; and &ldquo;down&rdquo;),</li> <li>Be the first point of contact for clients on projects and maintain comprehensive notes</li> <li>Build relationships with vendor partners, including managing quality control, approving coding lists, negotiating prices, and providing clear instructions</li> </ul> <li>Test survey links (including testing for spelling, grammar, and logic skips)</li> <li>Assist with report creation, including writing, analysis, chart and table creation in Excel or PowerPoint</li> <li>With direction and support, assist with writing survey questionnaires, writing questions that use clear phrasing and proper spelling/grammar, and making sure all response options are mutually exclusive and exhaustive</li> <li>Take detailed notes during client calls and meetings</li> <li>Be able to effectively problem solve logistical issues and adjust on the fly.&nbsp; Proactively identify issues and suggest solutions on how to make projects run more smoothly</li> <li>As you grow in the position, you can look forward to more client contact, an increased role in business development and proposal writing/methodology creation, and a leading role in managing a project from start to finish</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>1-2 years relevant work experience/internships, with a social science/research focus is highly preferred</li> <li>Interest in working on standalone quantitative research projects and integrated qual/quant engagements</li> <li>Strong PowerPoint skills and ability to create slides/graphs/charts that convey key research findings in compelling ways</li> <li>Strong Excel skills; knowledge of pivot tables and creating charts or ability/willingness to learn</li> <li>Strong attention to detail, excellent writing/communication skills</li> <li>Ability to be resourceful and independently solve problems</li> <li>Excellent personal accountability and strong work ethic</li> <li>Knowledge of SPSS or other analytical software is a big plus</li> <li>Experience with Adobe Illustrator and an eye for design a plus</li> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree strongly preferred</li> </ul>