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<p><strong>We want more movers and shakers, dreamers and doers, thinkers and tinker-ers. We want more people who are excited by their work and passionate about their communities. We want people who are ready to Build Something Amazing.</strong></p> <strong><br />"<em>It is so much more than just the design and the colors and the pattern. I'm making a home"<br />-&nbsp;</em>La-Z-Boy designer&nbsp;<em>Nikole&nbsp;describing how she creates fresh ideas for&nbsp;client homes.&nbsp;<br /><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Watch the full experience here</a>.&nbsp;</em></strong>

Paramus, New Jersey

La-Z-Boy Interior Design

<p><strong>Not many companies can say that they are both a household brand and one of the most innovative organizations in their industry. La-Z-Boy can. Ninety years after our first recliner, we&rsquo;re still re-inventing the industry.</strong></p> <p><strong>We want more movers and shakers, dreamers and doers, thinkers and tinker-ers. We want more people who are excited by their work and passionate about their communities. Our people are what drives us forward. We want people who are ready to Build Something Amazing.</strong></p>

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Hourly + Comission

Overview: BASIC FUNCTION:<br /><br />Throughout the internship, the Designer Intern will be responsible for assisting the Lead Designer with designing and creating comfortable, functional environments that represent our client's lifestyle, taste and budget. Provide consultation to our clients by utilizing La-Z-Boy's In-Home Design program and assist the Lead Designer with driving top line sales through the use of selling principles including approach, rapport building, needs discovery, and customized portfolio presentations. <br />Support Lead Designer with accessory calls and continued contact with all previous and potential new customers.
Responsibilities: <div class="stl_01"><span class="stl_13 stl_11">In-Home Design &nbsp;</span></div> <ul> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_09">Create professional design presentations with customized room designs, including sample fabric, furniture, &nbsp;</span><span class="stl_09">tables and accessory recommendations as well as the benefits of a professional installation service &nbsp;</span></li> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_08">Assist the Designer to achieve established Design program sales goals &nbsp;</span></li> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_15">Responsible to support design related functions in the store and maintain up to date customized portfolio&nbsp;</span><span class="stl_15">including before and after pictures of previous In-Home Design projects. &nbsp;</span></li> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_08 stl_11">Develop and utilize sales skills and principals including approach, rapport building, needs&nbsp;</span><span class="stl_16 stl_10">discover<span class="stl_11">y,&nbsp;</span></span><span class="stl_16 stl_11">customized portfolio presentations, answering objections, closing, follow-up, after sale service and&nbsp;</span><span class="stl_16 stl_11">continuing contact with all previous and potential customers &nbsp;</span></li> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_08">Execute and champion the Design process &nbsp;</span></li> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_08">Responsible to support design related functions in the store&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_18 stl_11">Customer Experience Excellence&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_19">Meet and greet customers that come into the store&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="stl_01"><span class="stl_20 stl_11">Ensure that each La-Z-Boy customer has an information and positive experience by using good&nbsp;</span><span class="stl_20 stl_11">customer service skills and knowledge of products &nbsp;</span></li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li class="\&quot;stl_01\&quot;"><span class="\&quot;stl_15">Currently enrolled in </span><span class="\&quot;stl_22">an </span><span class="\&quot;stl_15">Interior Design </span><span class="\&quot;stl_22">Program, preferably Junior or Senior status</span></li> <li class="\&quot;stl_01\&quot;"><span class="\&quot;stl_08">Excellen<span class="\&quot;stl_11\&quot;">t</span></span><span class="\&quot;stl_08\&quot;"> communication,</span><span class="\&quot;stl_08\&quot;"> customer</span><span class="\&quot;stl_08\&quot;"> service</span><span class="\&quot;stl_08\&quot;"> skills,</span><span class="\&quot;stl_08\&quot;"> and</span><span class="\&quot;stl_08\&quot;"> organizational</span><span class="\&quot;stl_08\&quot;"> skills</span></li> <li class="\&quot;stl_01\&quot;"><span class="\&quot;stl_22\&quot;">Experience using floor and space planning applications</span></li> <li class="\&quot;stl_01\&quot;"><span class="\&quot;stl_22\&quot;">Knowledge of general principles of home decor and design (i.e. furniture, carpet, draperies, and color schemes)</span></li> <li class="\&quot;stl_01\&quot;"><span class="\&quot;stl_22\&quot;">Ability to partner effectively and work productively with others as a team</span></li> <li class="\&quot;stl_01\&quot;"><span class="\&quot;stl_22\&quot;">Ability to relocate for the duration of the 16 week internship </span></li> </ul> <div class="jv-job-detail-description">&nbsp;</div>