Family Consultant

<p><strong>We are Lifeline Youth &amp; Family Services, a non-profit, faith-based organization who offers family therapy, supervised visitations, parent aid, family preservation services, and foster care/adoption support. We are a lifeline for families in crisis, whether we&rsquo;re fighting for a family to stay together, or advocating for a child in foster care. Our mission is to change hearts&nbsp;and bring hope to individuals, families, and&nbsp;communities. Join our team today to start doing meaningful work!</strong></p>

Fort Wayne, IN

Lifeline Youth & Family Services

<p><strong>Families shouldn&rsquo;t have to suffer alone when facing hardships. Whether we&rsquo;re fighting for a family to stay together, advocating for a child in foster care, or providing in-home support for parents in the areas of childcare, assisting in financial management, or providing coaching, we are a lifeline for families in crisis. We are Lifeline Youth &amp; Family Services, a non-profit, faith-based organization who offers family casework and therapy, supervised visitations, parent aid services, parent education, and foster care/adoption support. Through home-based services, we offer specific evidence-based practices for families through the Family Preservation Model. Our mission and principal activities are changing hearts&nbsp;and bringing hope to individuals, families, and&nbsp;communities. If you are ready to do meaningful work that directly improves people&rsquo;s lives, come join our team today! Families in crisis need you, and we need you too.</strong></p>

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Overview: <ul> <li>Provide Adoption &amp; Guardianship Support Services as needed and as assigned.</li> <li>Provide care according to evidence-based practice standards.</li> <li>Provide ongoing support for clients, including emergency and crisis consultations on a 24-hour basis.</li> <li>Meet with clients on a regular, consistent basis. The frequency of visits is determined by level of care needed on a case-by-case basis and/or by the referral source.</li> <li>Provide transportation for clients, as needed or necessary, to meet treatment goals.</li> <li>Report to referral source/supervisor significant information regarding any unusual incidents occurring within the area of responsibility.</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Assist clients in building skills such as parenting techniques, appropriate discipline, communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, and responsible thinking.</li> <li>Assist clients in finding and maintaining employment, if needed.</li> <li>Engage and assist the client&rsquo;s participation in the treatment planning process.</li> <li>Accompany and support clients for court appearances.</li> <li>Coordinate and case manage appropriate educational, vocational, recreational, and other services, as needed.</li> <li>Demonstrate respect and cultural sensitivity to all clients and to all referral sources.</li> <li>Maintain strict confidentiality at all times to protect clients' privacy.</li> <li>Comply with required in-service/continuing education hours.</li> <li>Respect, support and integrate the company&rsquo;s Tenets of Culture.</li> <li>Completion of clear, accurate documentation of 1.) all contacts with clients, 2.) monthly reports, 3.) court reports, and 4.) treatment plans.</li> <li>Maintain accurate and timely records, reports and data entry according to program standards.</li> <li>Demonstrate knowledge and skills required to successfully implement the program&rsquo;s objectives.</li> <li>Attend all mandatory in-services / meetings, and two additional in-services annually.</li> <li>Attain/maintain CPR and First Aid certifications.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <strong>Education</strong><br /><strong>Required</strong><br /> <ul> <li>Bachelors or better in Social Work or related field.</li> </ul>