District Manager

<p><strong>We are Lifeline Youth &amp; Family Services, a non-profit, faith-based organization who offers family therapy, supervised visitations, parent aid, family preservation services, and foster care/adoption support. We are a lifeline for families in crisis, whether we&rsquo;re fighting for a family to stay together, or advocating for a child in foster care. Our mission is to change hearts&nbsp;and bring hope to individuals, families, and&nbsp;communities. Join our team today to start doing meaningful work!</strong></p>

Fort Wayne, IN

Lifeline Youth & Family Services

<p><strong>Families shouldn&rsquo;t have to suffer alone when facing hardships. Whether we&rsquo;re fighting for a family to stay together, advocating for a child in foster care, or providing in-home support for parents in the areas of childcare, assisting in financial management, or providing coaching, we are a lifeline for families in crisis. We are Lifeline Youth &amp; Family Services, a non-profit, faith-based organization who offers family casework and therapy, supervised visitations, parent aid services, parent education, and foster care/adoption support. Through home-based services, we offer specific evidence-based practices for families through the Family Preservation Model. Our mission and principal activities are changing hearts&nbsp;and bringing hope to individuals, families, and&nbsp;communities. If you are ready to do meaningful work that directly improves people&rsquo;s lives, come join our team today! Families in crisis need you, and we need you too.</strong></p> https://lifelineyouth.org/

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Overview: <ul> <li>Responsible for profit and loss for the assigned region(s)</li> <li>Implement strategic planning to define and evaluate the region(s) goals and objectives</li> <li>Responsible for district clinical and programming goals and outcomes.</li> <li>Provide training, support, supervision, and encouragement to direct reports.</li> <li>Engagement in Lifeline hiring and firing process</li> <li>Assist supervisors with implementing appropriate steps to coach, develop, correct, and hold their direct reports accountable</li> <li>Execute job responsibilities consistent with the agency tenets of culture, mission, vision and beliefs, while adhering to all company policies, procedures, and deadlines.</li> <li>Develop leaders among direct reports</li> <li>Conduct regular marketing/public relations meetings with referral sources and pursue growth opportunities</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Assign referrals to direct reports and ensure they have appropriately assigned caseloads.</li> <li>Ensure supervisors track and report necessary details on their direct reports&rsquo; performance, including all documentation, risks, missed supervisions, supervision forms, shadowing forms, employee concerns and coaching steps taken to assist.</li> <li>Oversee Adoption &amp; Guardianship Support Services as assigned to direct reports</li> <li>Address problems and communication issues with referral sources in assigned region(s).</li> <li>Problem solve and handle all billing issues within assigned region(s)</li> <li>Organize and lead routine staff meetings</li> <li>Provide orientation and training for new team members &ndash; to include scheduling of job shadows with experienced staff and training in all of Lifeline&rsquo;s policies and procedures relating to overall company practices and HBS practices specifically</li> <li>Analyze and evaluate team productivity goals, clinical competencies, and quality assurance for trends and continual improvement.</li> <li>Attend all Regional Service Council Meetings within assigned region(s)</li> <li>Promote the mission, vision, and values of Lifeline.</li> <li>Respect, support and integrate the company&rsquo;s Tenets of Culture</li> <li>Demonstrate respect for social-cultural values, personal goals, lifestyle choices, and complex family interactions, and deliver services in a culturally competent fashion.</li> <li>Ensure compliance with DCS service standards and COA.</li> <li>Utilize critical thinking skills to make timely and ethical decisions for the district.</li> <li>Oversee the operations of the regional satellite office</li> <li>Offer insight and input to strengthen Lifeline&rsquo;s performance and quality of services and to improve client satisfaction.</li> <li>Provide backup to supervisors, as needed</li> <li>Maintain flexible work hours.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <div class="col-xs-24"> <h3 data-automation="work-experience-title" data-bind="text: $.t('Opportunity.OpportunityDetail.Experience')"><strong>Experience</strong></h3> </div> <div class="col-xs-24"> <div style="box-sizing: border-box;" data-automation="required" data-bind="if: $parent.RequiredWorkExperienceCriteria().length &gt; 0"> <p><strong data-automation="workexperience-required" data-bind="text: $.t('Opportunity.OpportunityDetail.CriteriaRequired', { context: 'true' })">Required</strong></p> <div data-automation="workexperience-list" data-bind="template: { foreach: $parent.RequiredWorkExperienceCriteria, name: 'workexperience-item-template' }"> <div class="row"> <p class="col-xs-23 col-xs-offset-1" data-automation="workexperience-item"><strong data-bind="text: $parents[1].WorkExperienceYearsText($data), visible: MinimumRequiredYears() != null || MaximumRequiredYears() != null" data-automation="work-experience-years">5 years:</strong>&nbsp;<span data-bind="text: Description" data-automation="work-experience-description">Experience in social work or similar field</span></p> </div> </div> </div> </div>