Flight Crew

<strong>Your next workplace is the sky<br /></strong><br />You love to travel, and you love fair, friendly and frequent flights. We&rsquo;re a new airline<br />with deep roots in the industry, and we&rsquo;re looking for people like you! <br /><br /><strong>Join our crew.</strong>

Calgary, AB

Lynx Air

<p>You love to travel, and you love fair, friendly and frequent flights.</p> <p>We're a new airline with deep roots in the industry, and we're looking for people like you!&nbsp;<br /><br />Join our crew.&nbsp;</p> http://www.flylynx.com

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Overview: <p>Lynx is a fully licensed airline, with a history of operating private charters in Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, and Europe since 2008. We have announced our plan to transition to a national Ultra Low-Cost service, bringing travelers a new choice. We will be flying new B737 Max aircraft and carrying a new brand name into the Canadian skies. We look forward to new horizons, everyday affordable air travel, and greater choices for all Canadians in 2022.</p> <p>The successful candidates will be motivated, professional and team-oriented. With a commitment to safety, our flight crew will support our business model and work efficiently to create a competitive advantage and growth. Adherence to our Standard Operating Procedures is vital to achieving our safety-oriented culture, and corporate goals.</p>
Responsibilities: Flight Crew are responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft and are expected to assist Cabin Crew members when able. <div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: -104px; top: -20px;">&nbsp;</div>
Requirements: <ul> <li>A Current Canadian Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)</li> <li>For First Officers, A Current Canadian Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) with IATRA or valid SAMRA/SARON exams</li> <li>Category 1 Medical</li> <li>A Valid Canadian Passport or Canadian work permit</li> <li>Must be able to obtain and retain Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC)</li> <li>Ability to travel/operate to the United States, and any other countries within our network</li> <li>Ability to obtain TSA clearance for simulator training in the United States</li> <li>Include a summary of your flight time in the application</li> <li>No criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted</li> <li>Successful completion of Company Alcohol and Drug testing program</li> <li>The ability to conduct multi-day parings away from base in accordance with the CARs</li> <li>Fully vaccinated against Covid 19</li> </ul>