Safety Systems Advisor

<strong>Your next workplace is the sky<br /></strong><br />You love to travel, and you love fair, friendly and frequent flights. We&rsquo;re a new airline with deep roots in the industry, and we&rsquo;re looking for people like you! <br /><br /><strong>Join our crew.</strong>

Calgary, AB

Lynx Air

<p>You love to travel, and you love fair, friendly and frequent flights.</p> <p>We're a new airline with deep roots in the industry, and we're looking for people like you!&nbsp;<br /><br />Join our crew.&nbsp;</p>

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Overview: <p>Are you excited about the prospect of joining a startup organization on the ground floor? Interested in being a part of the changing skies in Canada and beyond? Want to work with world-class leaders who have extensive industry know-how? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!</p> <p>We are seeking a&nbsp;<strong>Safety Systems Advisor&nbsp;</strong>to join our rapidly expanding, dynamic team!</p> <p><strong><u>WHO WE ARE:</u></strong></p> <p>Lynx Air is Canada&rsquo;s newest ultra-affordable airline, on a mission to make air travel accessible for all. With airfare sky-high in Canada, we give value-seeking travellers an affordable, safe and customer-first flying experience.</p> <p>Lynx has taken to the skies, piloting our brand-new fleet of Boeing 737 MAX planes to select Canadian destinations. Our mission is to bring safe, affordable, low-cost air travel to millions of Canadians and we are excited to be building our team that will help us get there!</p> <p>Backed by significant financial investment from a group of prominent Canadian and American investors, we are poised to change the Canadian airline landscape. Combining the financial strength of our talented partners with the skills and energy of Canadians like you, we can bring the best practices of the aviation industry to Canada!</p> <p><strong><u>WHAT THE ROLE ENTAILS:</u></strong></p> <p>As required by the CARs, the Safety Systems Advisor is the designated person managing the Company Safety Management System (&lsquo;SMS&rsquo;). It will be&nbsp;responsible to the Operations Manager for establishing consistent, effective safety management standards for all the Company&rsquo;s safety management programs and facilitating their implementation and ongoing operation. The Safety Systems Advisor may receive safety or hazard reports, investigate occurrences, make safety recommendations on behalf of the Accountable Executive, and must report the results of these activities to the Accountable Executive, Operations Manager, Technical Operations Manager (PRM), and the safety committee. Successfully complete Initial and Recurrent Training events, as prescribed by regulation and the Company.<br /><br /></p> <p><strong><u>WHAT YOU WILL GET FROM US:</u></strong></p> <ul> <li>Industry competitive salary</li> <li>The chance to be part of building something from the ground up.&nbsp;Aggressive growth plans of the organization mean there is no limit to how far you can grow your career with the organization</li> <li>An environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance</li> <li>Open and collaborative work environment. You bring your great ideas, and we will put them to action</li> <li>Comprehensive benefits and HSA</li> <li>The opportunity to travel where we fly</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Establish and maintain a reporting system to ensure the timely collection of information related to hazards, incidents, and accidents that may adversely affect safety</li> <li>Identify hazards and carry out risk management analyses of those hazards</li> <li>Investigate, analyze, and identify the cause, or probable cause, of all hazards, incidents, and accidents identified under the safety management system</li> <li>Establish and maintain a safety data system, either electronically, or by other means, to monitor and analyze trends in hazards, incidents, and accidents</li> <li>Monitor and evaluate the results of corrective actions with respect to hazards, incidents, and accidents</li> <li>Determine the adequacy of the training required by the Safety Management Manual</li> <li>Ensure the development of annual safety goals including communication and ongoing review</li> <li>Review the safety management programs periodically to ensure effectiveness</li> <li>Consult with employees and encourage active participation at all levels within the Company</li> <li>Promote a culture in which employees incorporate the safety management programs in their daily work activities</li> <li>Chair safety committee meetings</li> <li>Attend OSH / AOSH meetings</li> <li>Liaise with Transport Canada as required</li> <li>Be responsible for the preparation and management of the department&rsquo;s budget</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>3+ years of Safety in an airline required&nbsp;</li> <li>Understanding of relevant health and safety regulations and guidelines</li> <li>Familiarity with terms and policies of your firm&rsquo;s industry</li> <li>Sound judgment and decision-making skills</li> <li>Good written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills</li> <li>Ability to influence strategy and collaborate with company leadership</li> <li>Comfortable multi-tasking, working under pressure, and managing tight timelines</li> <li>Technical writing skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office applications or similar software</li> <li>Familiarity with project management and budgeting</li> <li>First aid, CPR and any other relevant medical training</li> </ul>