Quality Assurance Auditor

<strong>Your next workplace is the sky<br /></strong><br />You love to travel, and you love fair, friendly, and frequent flights. We&rsquo;re a new airline with deep roots in the industry, and we&rsquo;re looking for people like you! <br /><br /><strong>Join our crew.</strong>

Calgary, AB

Lynx Air

<p>You love to travel, and you love fair, friendly and frequent flights.</p> <p>We're a new airline with deep roots in the industry, and we're looking for people like you!&nbsp;<br /><br />Lynx Air, Canada&rsquo;s newest ultra-affordable airline, is on a mission to make air travel accessible for all. With airfares sky-high in Canada, we give value-seeking travellers an affordable, safe, and customer-first flying experience.</p> <p>Lynx has taken to the skies, piloting our brand-new fleet of Boeing 737 MAX planes to select Canadian destinations. Our mission is to bring safe, affordable, low-cost air travel to millions of Canadians, and we are excited to be building our team that will help us get there!</p> <p>Backed by significant financial investment from a group of prominent investors, we are poised to change the Canadian airline landscape. Combining the financial strength of our talented partners with the skills and energy of Canadians like you, we can bring the best practices of the aviation industry to Canada!</p> http://www.flylynx.com

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Overview: <p>Are you excited about the prospect of joining a startup organization on the ground floor? Interested in being a part of the changing skies in Canada and beyond? Want to work with world-class leaders who have extensive industry know-how? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!</p> Reporting to the Manager -&nbsp;QA, Safety &amp; Security, the QA Auditor<strong>&nbsp;</strong>is responsible for not only auditing for the company&rsquo;s QA (Quality Assurance) program and as per CAR 706.07 / 573.09, but also providing leadership, training, and development to the QA team members, as well as assisting the management team with implementing the company&rsquo;s QA program within their departments.<br /> <ul> <li>Industry competitive salary</li> <li>The chance to be part of building something from the ground up.&nbsp;Aggressive growth plans of the organization mean there is no limit to how far you can grow your career with the organization</li> <li>An environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance</li> <li>Open and collaborative work environment. You bring your great ideas, and we will put them to action</li> <li>Comprehensive benefits and HSA</li> <li>The opportunity to travel where we fly</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Delegated responsibilities within the Company&rsquo;s Quality Assurance (&lsquo;QA&rsquo;) program as per CAR 706.07 / 573.09&nbsp;</li> <li>Assist the management team with implementing the Company&rsquo;s QA program within their departments&nbsp;</li> <li>Remove aircraft from operation because of non-compliance with CARs or because the operation of the aircraft could have an adverse effect on the safety of the aircraft, other aircraft, persons, animals, or property</li> <li>Manage the Evaluation Program requirements as per the company Maintenance&nbsp;Control Manual</li> <li>Maintain a system of records for all findings of non-compliance and their respective corrective actions</li> <li>Report to the department manager in the event of a procedural disagreement</li> <li>Be responsible for the issuance of and follow-up of Service Difficulty Reports (SDRs)</li> <li>Monitor vendor approvals and associated Aircraft Certification Authorities</li> <li>Authorize qualified organizations to enter maintenance arrangements with the Company and include&nbsp;them in an Approved Vendor List</li> <li>Any other duties listed elsewhere in the&nbsp;Maintenance&nbsp;Control Manual&nbsp;or as assigned&nbsp;</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Minimum of 3 years experience in the performance or direct supervision of maintenance activities within a CAR 705 organization</li> <li>Minimum of 3 years experience in the performance or direct supervision of maintenance activities, including executive management</li> <li>Possess excellent knowledge of the CARs</li> <li>2-year experience in carrying out regulatory audits</li> <li>Possess proven leadership skills</li> <li>Hold a valid Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license, category M2 preferred</li> <li>No prior convictions under the Aeronautics Acts of the Canadian Aviation Regulations</li> </ul>