Financial Advisor

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Full Time

Competitive Compensation Package

Overview: The Financial Advisor is a licensed individual who is responsible for introducing and selling the benefits of investment and insurance products to customers.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li dir="auto">Meets or exceeds sales goals as defined by management.</li> <li dir="auto">Actively contact customers and prospects to promote investment and insurance products offered through the program.</li> <li dir="auto">Assists customers in making choices regarding the appropriate investment and insurance products to meet specific needs and to plan for their financial future.</li> <li dir="auto">Keeps abreast of all compliance regulations to assure that all presentations to clients and all paperwork are processed in compliance with NASD rules.</li> <li dir="auto">Keeps abreast of all IRA and retirement plans to be able to help customers make decisions regarding their retirement plans.</li> <li dir="auto">Continuously communicate with mutual fund, annuity and insurance providers to assure for up to date information on the products offered.</li> <li dir="auto">Continuously contact existing customers to assure that we are meeting their future needs.</li> <li dir="auto">Assist with preparation of investment seminars.</li> <li dir="auto">Conducts regular sales meetings and training sessions to ensure that sales goals and objectives are met.</li> <li dir="auto">Adheres to Code of Conduct and internal controls for which this position is responsible.</li> <li dir="auto">Conducts training and continually coaches and reviews investment products with branch employees.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li dir="auto">Bachelor Degree or High School Diploma or equivalent plus two (2) years related business experience.</li> <li dir="auto">Minimum two (2) years proven sales experience.</li> <li dir="auto">Excellent communication skills.</li> <li dir="auto">Ability to work in high-pressure environment.</li> <li dir="auto">Thorough knowledge of investment products.</li> <li dir="auto">Self-motivated with ability to work independently.</li> <li dir="auto">Ability to handle rejection and conflicts.</li> <li dir="auto">Willingness to actively telemarket prospects.</li> <li dir="auto">Banking experience preferred</li> <li dir="auto">Employee is regularly required to remain in a stationary position.</li> <li dir="auto"></li> </ul>