Senior Software Engineer

<p>Material is a leading integrated marketing services company that leverages deep human understanding to help brands deliver material outcomes and experiences for their customers and the communities they serve. We build B2C and B2B brands from the insight out by providing a seamless journey that combines data and analytics, insights-led consulting, and experience activation into one integrated offering.</p>

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<strong>Material is a collaborative built from legendary practices across research, strategy, design, and brand building. Eleven pioneering companies united as one to solve wider, deeper, and more innovative challenges together.</strong><br /><br /><strong>We uncover what&rsquo;s important to people and create experiences that pull them in and open our worlds. We seek curious, experienced, and deeply empathetic humans to enrich our diverse teams of leaders and do-ers. Want in?</strong><br /> <h5>LRW | Kelton | T3 | Karma | Greenberg | Tonic | MotiveQuest | Salt Branding | Killer Visual Strategies | Strativity | Aruliden</h5>

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Overview: <strong>Overview</strong> <br />Reporting to the Director, Product Management as a member of the Software Engineering (SWE) team, the Senior Software Engineer is an individual who deeply understands Material&rsquo;s products, services &amp; ways-of-working. They partner with business stakeholders, Product Management, Process Engineering, and IT teams to define innovative concepts that promise efficiency, speed &amp; insight,<br />then delivers technology solutions that bring these concepts to life, quickly realizing their ROI.<br /><br /><strong>Company Description</strong><br />Material is a modern marketing services firm powered by sophisticated analytics, deep human understanding and a specialized type of creativity, design thinking. Headquartered in LA, the company has grown consistently for nearly 50 years to 1200+ employees in 20 offices including NY, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, and London. Material has actively acquired a portfolio of businesses to build a unique, integrated marketing services business with key capabilities in analytics, intelligence and experience for an array of top tier clients in entertainment, tech, retail, healthcare, and packaged goods. We believe people are people, not data points. Diverse and inclusive problem-solving. Data and creative are complementary and equally essential. Breaking down silos improves efficiency and creativity. Combining people, insights, and ideas uncovers hidden truths. Putting humans at the center of everything we do creates opportunities to improve lives.&nbsp;
Responsibilities: What does success look like? A successful Senior Software Engineer will have mastered the arts of: <ul> <li>Software Development by consistently delivering high quality, modern software solutions for product roadmaps while actively innovating in their product &amp; skills focus areas.</li> <li>Influence &amp; persuasion through effective, meaningful collaboration with their peers, product managers and business stakeholders.</li> <li>Thinking ahead by delivering &ldquo;future-proof&rdquo; software solutions that don&rsquo;t paint us into (technical) corners while reducing technical debt over time</li> <li>Risk mitigation through considerate, thoughtful planning of their solutions</li> <li>Troubleshooting by taking the lead during release windows and unplanned outages,working to minimize interruption to their product&rsquo;s end users.</li> </ul> Ultimately, these experiences will have prepared the Senior Software Engineer to take on Architecture responsibilities in any software development discipline they have a passion for. Responsibilities: The Senior Software Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and deploying an ecosystem of Researcher and B2B-focused web apps that extend, operate and analyze data collected through a web facing survey platform.<br />Architecture &amp; Software Development: <ul> <li>Bring insight &amp; know-how to the design, development and support of modern web<br />applications that drive speed, efficiency &amp; insight for people across Material.</li> <li>Build simple, effective applications to requirements with reliable, scalable architecture</li> <li>Drive quality &amp; speed through automation by adopting CICD best practices &amp; tools.</li> <li>Identify &amp; mitigate risks by taking proactive steps to prevent undesirable outcomes and<br />striking the right balance between practical and secure solutions.</li> </ul> Collaboration: <ul> <li>Engage &amp; Support product managers to maximize ROI from our software solutions</li> <li>Pivot &amp; navigate to the right people, process &amp; technology solutions, delivering the best<br />outcomes for our users and clients.</li> <li>Relentlessly improve by considerately receiving and constructively providing feedback.</li> <li>Drive quality &amp; speed through requesting performing code reviews in pull requests.</li> <li>Teach &amp; learn through mentoring and pair programming with fellow developers.</li> </ul> Operations: <ul> <li>Communicate engagingly with stakeholders for alignment,<br />expectation management and clarity of Material&rsquo;s software engineering goals.</li> <li>Take ownership of features, bugfixes &amp; releases through detailed release plans that<br />include:<br /> <ul> <li>Changelog</li> <li>Deployment steps required</li> <li>Rollback plan</li> </ul> </li> <li>Proactive monitoring of owned products to minimize downtime, optimize performance &amp; ensure integrity.</li> <li>Stewardship of their owned products&rsquo; technical backlog, ensuring a shared understanding of priority, effort &amp; importance with the product manager.</li> </ul>
Requirements: Requirements: Education: <ul> <li>A Bachelor&rsquo;s or Master&rsquo;s degree in computer science or related field, or applicable experience</li> </ul> Functional: <ul> <li>Done it: 3 years of experience delivering high quality software solutions using modern ETL pipelines and technology as well as AWS / Cloud Infrastructure and services. You also have experience building analytic applications including data analysis and visualization.</li> <li>Know it: DevOps concepts, IaC (Terraform, CloudFormation, CDK), data science and machine learning in python.</li> <li>Show it: Demonstrable experience in converting complex business needs into fit-forpurpose, straightforward solutions, with hands-on execution and noninterruptive transitions to operations, as well as effective troubleshooting &amp; fault isolation.</li> <li>Do it: Continuous application of core skillsets in traditional, cloud and hybrid environments adding resiliency when introducing new and upcoming technologies.</li> </ul> Technical: <ul> <li>Strong back-end development in ASP.NET Core</li> <li>Front-end development with React, Redux, and Typescript.</li> <li>AWS and/or Azure Platform-as-a-Service application elements</li> <li>Docker</li> <li>Relational SQL databases (MSSQL, MySQL/Aurora, PostgreSQL)</li> <li>NoSQL databases (MongoDB, DynamoDB)</li> <li>Git + Github</li> <li>Deployment automation through CI/CD</li> </ul> Competencies: <ul> <li>A communicator, humble and patient individual working effectively with distributed teams who is equally a mentor and a mentee</li> <li>A creative mindset that brings ideas to life by leveraging technologies in new ways that could have high impact in every aspect of operations</li> <li>A multi-tasker, working in a fast-paced environment without getting overwhelmed easily.</li> <li>Detail-oriented, always ready to put in the extra effort to deliver polished, well-formed software solutions for Material.</li> <li>Mindful of the employee experience - articulate, confident &amp; well-spoken in all forms of communication, comfortable to be the voice of our customer to Software Engineering, and the face of Software Engineering to our customers.</li> <li>A trusted advisor to understand the user experience and problems</li> </ul>