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Full Time

Overview: Maxor National Pharmacy Services is seeking a Director of Procurement. The Director will have 7-10 years of related experience in a large, pharmacy prescription dispensing organization, with 5 years of supervisory experience and 3-5 years of 340B or DoD purchasing experience.<br /><br />The Director will oversee, manage, and control all aspects of medication-related supply chain for the company. This includes but is not limited to medication and supply purchasing, inventory management, vendor management, group purchasing organization (GPO) and wholesaler relationships, standardization, supply-chain related information systems and technology, participation in and compliance with 340B and DOD purchasing programs for our managed covered entities, preparation of the capital and operating budgets, preparation of the workload budget, and monthly variance reporting. They must have a thorough understanding of supply chain and Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) best practices. The Director of Procurement will report to the VP of Strategic Procurement and work collaborative with the Pharmacy Operations leaders in the areas of drug policy, information technology, business management, and pharmacy operations.<br /><br />The Director of Procurement will directly manage the inventory management and mitigation of medication shortages by leveraging technology and predictive ordering processes to effectively manage dynamic inventory levels and minimize the impact of shortages on direct patient care. Additional areas of oversight include automation related to pharmacy inventory management, pharmaceutical contracting and GPO optimization activities, evaluation of outsourcing needs, and ensuring compliance with DSCSA provisions. <br /><br />The Director of Procurement will be responsible for the analysis, identification, and implementation of opportunities to improve quality, cost, and productivity within all aspects of department and medication supply chain.<br /><br />The scope and complexity of the position requires successful incumbents to possess a diverse and highly developed skill set including but not limited to the Knowledge, Skills, and Ability section listed above as well as IT &amp; database knowledge base/skills, particularly in support of further developing and deploying purchasing systems and enhancements.<br /><br />The Director of Procurement must be a team leader and strive to generate a vision, establish direction and motivate members, create an atmosphere of trust, leverage diverse views, coach staff, and encourage improvement and innovation.
Responsibilities: <ol> <li>Purchasing <ul> <li>Oversight and supervision of pharmaceutical purchasing staff and coordination of purchasing activities for the Pharmacy Enterprise.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Inventory <ul> <li>Establish and monitor inventory tracking systems for all products to ensure product availability and supply integrity.</li> <li>Support controlled substance tracking systems.</li> <li>Manage reverse distribution procedures throughout the enterprise and monitor returns to ensure adequate credit is issued.</li> <li>Lead annual inventory counts in coordination with internal &amp; external audit requirements.</li> <li>Manage new or alternative product intake and the barcode validation process for POS and automation systems.</li> <li>Lead influenza vaccine purchasing, distribution, and inventory maintenance.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Cost management <ul> <li>Serve as an expert advisor on supply chain forecasting</li> <li>Perform analysis of contracting opportunities, calculate savings and communicate savings analysis to pharmacist peers and physicians.</li> <li>Establish and achieve cost reduction goals.</li> <li>Lead wholesaler account maintenance to ensure alignment of expense classes, cost centers, and cost accounting for purchasing and inventory transactions.</li> <li>Monitor variances from operating statements related to purchases, returns, inventory issues, and vendor credits.</li> <li>Lead the automated financial accounting interfaces that import data into the financial accounting system.</li> <li>Serve as the liaison to the finance team in matters related to supply chain accounting.</li> <li>Review non-medication supplies to identify alternative sources of supply and cost management.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Drug shortage systems <ul> <li>Monitor local and national drug shortages and implement tactics to maintain supplies.</li> <li>Provide supply chain expertise to Drug Policy Program to mitigate drug shortages and work with pharmacy managers to implement necessary changes to purchasing and automation systems.</li> <li>Work with clinical staff to determine alternatives to critical stock shortages and assist with determining and implementing therapeutic substitutions.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Recall management <ul> <li>Communicate information and support the electronic drug recall system managed by Compliance.</li> <li>Ensuring all affected product is identified, quarantined and returned for manufacturer credit.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Miscellaneous <ul> <li>Serve as a liaison to wholesalers and vendors for issues related to contract prices, performance, fill rates, contract compliance, and supply adherence.</li> <li>Evaluate FDA licensing and/or regulatory certification is performed on all authorized pharmaceutical suppliers.</li> <li>Effectively and continually maintain open lines of communication with management, staff, and customers to facilitate the flow of relevant information. Provide timely and accurate communication, both written and verbal as appropriate, regarding supply chain changes.</li> <li>Represent the company on applicable committees, as appropriate.</li> <li>Promptly report any allegations of impropriety to the Compliance Department.</li> <li>Comply with Maxor&rsquo;s Ethical Business Conduct policy and Maxor&rsquo;s Compliance Program.</li> <li>Remain free from exclusion under the OIG and SAMS Medicare/Medicaid lists.</li> <li>Complete required training, as assigned, within the established timeframes.</li> <li>Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.</li> <li>Maintain regular attendance in accordance with established policies.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Planning and project leadership <ul> <li>Ensure Supply Chain related policies and procedures are current and adhered to.</li> <li>Work independently and guide others in the design, development and implementation of innovative solutions, or design and implement improvements to existing pharmacy and purchasing processes.</li> <li>Mentor and develop employees, residents, inventory champions and pharmacists in planning/project management as members of the project team via direction, supporting, coaching, and delegating as appropriate.</li> <li>Participate and/or lead, as pharmacy representative, organization quality improvement initiatives/projects.</li> <li>Develop and maintain an expertise in change management tools and theories.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Financial Management <ul> <li>Manage the month to month variance reporting for the operating budget.</li> <li>Lead the development of monthly financial reports for senior leadership.</li> <li>Serve as the pharmacy liaison for the finance department.</li> <li>Lead the development of the capital and operating budgets for the Supply department.</li> <li>Manage the invoice process between pharmacy and accounts payable to assure bills are accurate and paid.</li> <li>Maintain all finance related policies and procedures for the department.</li> </ul> </li> </ol>
Requirements: <ol> <li><strong>Human Resource Management</strong> <ul> <li>Manage purchasing, contracting, and inventory control staff.</li> <li>Evaluate performance of assigned personnel.</li> <li>Coordinate and lead team and staff meetings for assigned areas of responsibility.</li> <li>Work with staff on an ongoing basis to improve performance and attain their professional development goals by directing, coaching, and supporting.</li> <li>Monitor the progress of assignments and performance of daily responsibilities for all assigned personnel, coaching and disciplining staff as necessary.</li> <li>Communicate operational changes to affected pharmacy and non-pharmacy staff affected by proposed changes.</li> <li>Identify and deal with personnel issues in a proactive and timely manner, with appropriate follow-up as necessary.</li> <li>Manage labor expenses.</li> <li>Manage employee leaves of absence and family medical leaves.</li> <li>Participate in the recruitment, interviewing, hiring, orientation, training, and competency assessment of professional and technical staff.</li> <li>Work with other department managers to revise training programs for new employees as our systems change; proactively monitor system changes and identify needed changes and assess outcomes of training program.</li> <li>Work with department training staff to ensure education and training of new and existing department employees as it relates to medication use process changes.</li> </ul> </li> </ol> <br /><strong>Education:</strong> Bachelor degree in Business, Logistics or related field.<br /><br /><strong>Experience:</strong> 7-10 years of related experience in a large, complex pharmacy organization; 5 years of supervisory experience; 3-5 years of 340B or DoD purchasing experience.<br /><br /><strong>Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:</strong><br /><br /> <ol> <li>Solid analytical and computer skills, including medium to advanced skill levels in SQL, Microsoft Access, and Excel.</li> <li>Effective communication skills both in written and verbal presentation with a communication style that is open and fosters trust, credibility, and understanding.</li> <li>Experience with sourcing and procurement and building a vendor program.</li> <li>Results-oriented, metrics-driven leader with expertise in purchasing, supplier collaboration, development, and compliance.</li> <li>Extensive field knowledge.</li> <li>Ability to work in a complex team environment and to collaborate with both external and internal professionals and other customers.</li> <li>Familiarity with various software, equipment and technology necessary to provide pharmacy services and facilitate effective procurement functions.</li> <li>Able to demonstrate skills in prioritization, organization, problem solving, team building, decision making, multitasking, time management and strategic planning.</li> <li>Knowledge of pharmacy services, laws, and regulations.</li> <li>Developing goals and objectives, and establishing priorities.</li> <li>Inspires confidence, and shows desire to achieve high standards.</li> <li>Self-starter with a willingness to try new ideas.</li> <li>Positive, can-do attitude coupled with a sense of urgency.</li> <li>Good judgment and ability to act decisively at the right time.</li> <li>Ability to collaborate effectively, promote teamwork, persuade others when necessary, and develop a consensus.</li> <li>Ability to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction including employees, patients, visitors, faculty, referring physicians, and external stakeholders.</li> </ol> <br /><strong>WHY CHOOSE A CAREER AT MAXOR?</strong><br /><br />Maxor offers a diverse, progressive culture that supports a work from home model, a &ldquo;dress for your day&rdquo; attire, and a collaborative, team oriented environment. We offer a comprehensive compensation &amp; benefits package including:<br /><br /> <ul> <li>$750 individual, annual medical deductible, $25 office visit copays, Low biweekly premiums</li> <li>Company paid basic life/AD&amp;D, Short-term and Long-term disability insurance</li> <li>Rx, dental, vision, short-term disability, and FSA</li> <li>Employer-matched 401k Plan</li> <li>Industry leading PTO plan</li> <li>And MORE!</li> </ul> <br />Maxor is looking for people who want to lead transformation. People who are willing to think differently about an industry that touches nearly everyone's lives. People with talent, drive and dedication to take an idea - and see it through. How will you change the pharmacy industry today?<br /><br />Please share resume by applying online at:<br /><br />Maxor is an EEO/AA/M/F/Vets/Disability