Pipe Fitting Foreman

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Charlotte, NC

McKenney's Inc.

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Full Time


Overview: Review all project documents to understand full scope of contract. Plan and execute all work required by project documents. Maintain and adhere to all project requirements directed by PM in regard to schedule, budget and safety requirements. Plan all manpower and equipment delivery needs. Build positive relationship with all customers and business associates.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Conduct Flex &amp; Stretch with all crew members.</li> <li>Plan each day&rsquo;s task</li> <li>Supply all tools and equipment necessary to complete daily task</li> <li>Work with Field Operations and PM in selection of manpower for project</li> <li>Resolve any issues that may arise for field and shops</li> <li>Schedule shop and warehouse deliveries as needed</li> <li>Look for and address any safety issues in each work area</li> <li>Complete Safety Observations as required</li> <li>Coordinate with other trades on project</li> <li>Complete 3-week look ahead schedules</li> <li>Conduct weekly toolbox talks with all crew members</li> <li>Develop Completion List and minimize go back work.</li> <li>Update as-built drawings</li> <li>Turn in payroll time through Crew Connect every day</li> <li>Attend project coordination meetings as required</li> <li>Review overall job plan and revise as needed</li> <li>Review schedule delivery calendar and revise as needed</li> <li>Review previous year&rsquo;s project and safety performance</li> <li>Set and define goals for upcoming year</li> <li>Complete all continuing education as required by collective bargaining agreement and McKenney's</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>High school diploma or GED.</li> <li>&nbsp;At least 5years experience in mechanical industry or completion of JATC apprenticeship program with at least 5 years experience in leadership/foreman&rsquo;s role.</li> <li>OSHA 30 certification</li> <li>&nbsp;Ability to multi- task</li> <li>Excellent communication skills</li> <li>Well organized, problem solver</li> <li>Ability to make key personnel decision without influence of personal feelings</li> <li>Trustworthy, dedicated to serving project needs</li> <li>Good positive attitude everyday</li> <li>Willingness to work long hours if needed</li> <li>Strive for improvements in every aspect.</li> </ul> <br /> <p><strong><u>Preferred</u></strong></p> <ul> <li>Project management experience a plus.</li> <li>UA 40 hour Foreman Certification</li> <li>Industry Certifications, welding, brazing, med-gas, etc.</li> <li>Willing to travel out of town</li> <li>Professional Appearance</li> </ul>