Country Director

MAF has been working in Liberia for a number of years providing essential support through numerous partners. We operate a Cessna Caravan based in Monrovia where we offer shuttle services, charter services and very often, medical evacuations. We are currently the only humanitarian flight service in the country and to continue this work and take it further, we now require a Country Director.


Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada

Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada (MAF), a Christian nonprofit organization founded in 1945, is seeking people who share our passion for seeing the Great Commission carried out near and far. MAF operates globally, but its Canadian headquarters are located in Guelph, Ontario. As a part of this organization, this position is a vital part in bringing the Gospel, healthcare, education, disaster relief, food and clean water to isolated people in developing countries.

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Career (+ 4 years)

Overview: Liberia is one of the oldest republics in Africa, but also one of its poorest.&nbsp;As a country, it has suffered more than a decade of civil war which saw hundreds of thousands die in conflict.&nbsp; The nation was also devastated by the Ebola crisis of 2014. Today, many&nbsp;people live below the poverty line and have little access to electricity and running water.<br /><br />Your role will be to lead&nbsp;our Liberia program where you&nbsp;will be responsible for the overall management of the program. You will manage and oversee all aspects&nbsp;of the program as well as be in charge of providing inspired leadership.&nbsp;
Responsibilities: <p>As the Country Director there are five key areas we are looking this person to fulfill - Strategic, Planning, Leadership, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Influencing.</p> <p>&nbsp;You will work closely with the Regional Director, supported by technical and support functions to fulfill to develop, lead and implement the programmes strategy.&nbsp;</p> <p>You will develop and implement a clear and realistic ministry impact plan for the country and lead the team and operations to ensure impact is maximised.</p> <p>As a leader of people you will guide and provide an environment where staff can flourish professionally and spiritually&nbsp;and also raise up and develop leaders for the future.</p> <p>You will plan, monitor, evaluate to ensure activities effectively contribute to the overall strategy to drive for continuous improvement.</p> <p>MAF is a relational organisation who work with many partners, internal and external stakeholders therefore you will have the ability to develop and establish solid relationships and networks at a strategic level in the country.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Requirements: <p><strong>Essential:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Ability to apply know-how into practice. Analyze, develop and assess the suitability of techniques, processes, and methods and to apply this in a complex environment.</li> <li>Fluency in written and spoken English&nbsp;</li> <li>Demonstrated relevant work experience within remote, and integral and cross functional leadership&nbsp;in a complex, intercultural and professional organization, including PME&amp;L (Project&nbsp;Management, Evaluation &amp; Learning) and strategic planning in an international setting</li> <li>Experience with and co-leadership of organization changes. Prepared for change&nbsp;and being team based and outcome focused.</li> <li>Demonstrated ability to build and maintain good relationships with all levels of an organization.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;<strong>Desirable:</strong></p> <ul> <li>BA Degree</li> <li>Good command of a second / third language helpful</li> <li>Spiritual leadership experience within an interdenominational&nbsp;context</li> <li>Experience in a matrix&nbsp;organization</li> <li>Know-how of and experience in regulatory environment. INGOs and/or aviation</li> <li>Leading/managing&nbsp;an international organization</li> </ul>