Model-Based Developer

<strong>Due to our success and expansion, Hyundai MOBIS Technical Center of North America is searching for Technical Professionals with passion, commitment, excellence and the will to exceed challenges! We welcome you to become a member of one of the fastest growing companies in the automotive industry and help us engineer a better future together!</strong>

Plymouth, MI

Hyundai MOBIS Technical Center of North America

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Hyundai MOBIS Technical Center of North America</a>, one of five globally, is part of Hyundai MOBIS, a Tier 1 supplier currently ranked #7 globally and an affiliate under Hyundai Motor Group.&nbsp; We deliver the design and development of a wide range of R&amp;D products include autonomous, software, infotainment and modules for chassis, cockpit and front-end that consider the safety and convenience of our customers and the future.&nbsp; Hyundai MOBIS is growing quickly and looking for passionate and engaged Engineers and Technical Professionals to join our team to help engineer a better future together!

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Overview: <p><em><strong>NO THIRD PARTY RESUMES ACCEPTED</strong></em></p> <p><strong>Objective</strong><br />Mobis North America continues to grow its autonomous driving research and development team at its Plymouth Michigan MTCA site, and has need of software engineers to support autonomous driving and other intelligent vehicle technologies projects. Required competencies are expert skills developing model-based software with Matlab/Simulink and a strong math background. Familiarity with Model in the loop (MIL) integration and testing in simulation environments like Prescan or Unity, and/or deployment onto dSpace MicroAutoBoxes for vehicle testing is a strong plus. The successful candidate will join teams developing, integrating, and enhancing software systems to deliver foundational capabilities in the autonomous and intelligent vehicle race for the future.</p>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>Key Responsibilities</strong></p> <ul> <li>Design and develop software for autonomous vehicle research projects.</li> <li>Work with Advanced Engineering project teams to develop new functional software for research and development of intelligent vehicle systems.</li> <li>Develop code using Matlab/Simulink, unit test/debug using MIL simulation, transfer code to prototype vehicle environment, optimize and tune software parameters to meet prototype vehicle performance requirements.</li> <li>Develop software to integrate functionality of autonomous vehicle subsystems (sensors, V2X signals, maps).</li> <li>Pursue innovative software solutions to provide optimized solutions to complex problems with focus on computational efficiency.</li> <li>Develop expertise and knowledge in domain of Autonomy/Systems/Robotics<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;- Track regional intelligence and developments in field of expertise<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;- Engage in strategic regional activities (workshops, conferences, etc)<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;- Interact with other professionals/experts in the field</li> </ul> <p><strong>Collaborative Working Relationships</strong></p> <ul> <li>Collaborate with regional experts, associations, and agencies regarding autonomous, connected, and new ADAS technologies</li> </ul> <p><strong>Key Tasks</strong></p> <ul> <li>New software development for research project teams</li> <li>Develop departmental software expertise and knowledge</li> <li>Grow personal knowledge related to autonomous driving systems</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>Experience Level</strong></p> <ul> <li>0-5 years of software development experience with:<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; - Advanced engineering and/or research and development experience<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; - Exposure to simulation and system analysis</li> </ul> <p><strong>Education</strong></p> <ul> <li>BS in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field</li> </ul> <p><strong>Additional Experiences</strong></p> <ul> <li>Experience with research or advanced engineering projects</li> <li>Automotive experience a plus</li> <li>Autonomous vehicle or active safety technology development a plus</li> </ul> <p><strong>Required Skills</strong></p> <ul> <li>Competent with Model Based Development in Matlab/Simulink</li> <li>Understanding of software/systems engineering for complex systems</li> <li>Logical approach to troubleshooting and debugging</li> <li>Good verbal and written communication skills (English)</li> <li>Ability to work in a fast paced work environment</li> </ul> <p><strong>Preferred Skills</strong></p> <ul> <li>Experience with autonomous vehicles</li> <li>Experience developing in simulation environments and vehicle environments</li> <li>Experience with dSpace MicroAutoBox systems</li> <li>Competent with object oriented design using C++, Java, or Python</li> </ul> <p><strong>Key Result Areas &amp; Success Indicators</strong></p> <ul> <li>Ability to work effectively in a global R&amp;D project team</li> <li>Self-motivated, organized and able to multitask across various project activities</li> <li>Productivity and collaboration within team</li> <li>Attention to detail and timing</li> <li>Safe operations with no accidents</li> </ul> <p><strong>Travel Requirements</strong></p> <ul> <li>Up to 5% for business trips, domestic and abroad</li> </ul> <p><strong>Competencies</strong></p> <ul> <li>Ability to engage and support project teammates ranging from experienced engineers to new college graduates.</li> <li>Systematic thinking, understanding interconnections of complicated systems</li> <li>Understanding/Sense of International affairs</li> <li>Flexibility/Adaptability for changes in work environment challenges</li> </ul>