School Leader - Metro Detroit

Are you an educational dreamer, believing all students will be inspired learners in the right environment? Are you looking to transform your instruction using today’s technologies, and strengthen your teaching skills to meet the challenges of the broader educational landscape? Do you want to join a passionate and collaborative faculty who continuously strive to make a better school?

Beverly Hills, MI

NexTech High School

<p>At NexTech High School teachers and students spend their day in an open environment that was specifically designed to mirror the contemporary work world where students are expected to manage their time and build independent and collaborative work skills.</p> <p>NexTech embraces the Small Schools Initiative, serving up to 300 students who work closely with a teacher-advisor to monitor their progress and to tailor their school experience to meet their individual needs and interests. NexTech has campuses in Beverly Hills, Grand Rapids and Lansing.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">To see a complete list of openings, CLICK HERE</a></p>

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Overview: Our employees&nbsp;are dedicated to the mission of student and Academy success. The employees understand and contribute to building a culture that is driven by a belief and a desire that every child deserves a high quality, safe and orderly school where students and families are held in the highest regard. In every location, every position supports one another, works collaboratively to solve problems, demonstrates a willingness to improve and aspires to play an integral role in fulfilling the goals of education reform. All employees work in collegial environments that prize innovation and a solution oriented frame of mind to meet and exceed Academy goals.
Responsibilities: <p><strong><u>Essential Duties</u></strong></p> The School Leader is responsible for communicating the mission and purpose of the Academy to all stakeholders. An employee in this position is responsible for establishing positive relationships with students, families and staff to develop a culture that fulfills the mission of the Academy. The School Leader will select, supervise, mentor and evaluate assigned Academy staff and determine required professional development. If also acting as the instructional leader, the School Leader will interpret data and implement instructional and procedural strategies that reflect high expectations for students and staff. The School Leader is responsible for daily operations at the Academy with regard to safety, compliance and living within the approved Academy budget. Ultimately, the School Leader will demonstrate innovative ways of responding to challenges that reflect a dedication and belief that all children can succeed. In addition, the School Leader is responsible for any and all duties as assigned.
Requirements: <p><em>Supervision</em></p> <p>Individuals in this position must be able to apply effective supervision methods. The Administrator is responsible for the supervision of all assigned employees, and ultimately the effectiveness of the Academy. Supervisory responsibilities include selecting staff, leading the staff evaluation process, developing and being faithful to procedures and plans that result in 100% compliance and positive stakeholder perception.&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Planning &amp; Implementation</em></p> <p>An effective employee in this position will act as the Academy leader by planning, evaluating and recommending goals and objectives for all assigned staff. In addition, the Administrator must provide leadership in curriculum, instruction, administration, school improvement and professional development. An employee in this position is responsible for overseeing the development of all programs within the Academy and guarantees they are carried out with fidelity.&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Knowledge &amp; Expertise</em></p> <p>Qualified employees in this position will possess and continuously build knowledge of all aspects of school reform and improvement. The Administrator will actively seek to increase and apply their knowledge of curriculum development, training design, metrics for evaluation, analysis of student achievement data and research on effective pedagogy. The Administrator must be able to provide classroom observation and feedback regarding the execution of the curriculum. An employee in this position must be comfortable working with all business related documents including budget, compliance, student records and any other supplemental documents. &nbsp;</p> <p><em>Reasoning Ability</em></p> <p>An employee in this position must be able to effectively draw conclusions based on their ability to identify problems, collect information and establish facts. In addition, an individual in this position will possess the ability to provide both logical and abstract solutions in standard and non-standard situations. An employee in this position will evidence this quality through mission-driven, research-based decision making.&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Interpersonal Qualities</em></p> <p>A qualified employee in this position will possess outstanding oral and written communication skills. This employee must have the ability to provide effective responses to all inquiries from all parties, including students, parents, MEP Services, the community and the Academy Board. An employee in this position must also be able and willing to work with staff and other administration to problem solve.</p> <p><strong>EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:</strong>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Master&rsquo;s degree (or higher) in education, educational leadership, curriculum&nbsp;or equivalent from an accredited institution.</li> <li>Michigan School Administrator Certificate (an admin cert is required within 3.5 years of start of position unless grandfathered in prior to 2010).</li> <li>Prior administrative experience.</li> <li>Satisfactory criminal background check.</li> </ul>