Product Development Manager

<p class="font_8"><span class="color_15">Next Hydrogen water electrolyzers are designed to <strong>generate utility-scale hydrogen economically</strong>. They</span><span class="color_15"> generate clean hydrogen while capturing the entire output range of intermittent or fluctuating sources of electrical power, including renewables.</span></p>

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Next Hydrogen Corporation

<div class="wpb_text_column wpb_content_element "> <div class="wpb_wrapper"> <p>Next Hydrogen helps companies generate hydrogen <a href="">cleanly</a> and <a href="">economically</a>.</p> <p><span class="color_15">From the start, the goal was to develop large-scale green hydrogen infrastructure deploying water electrolysis by com</span><span class="color_15">bining <a href="">technology</a> with market defined product requirements. </span></p> <p>Today we see the potential for hydrogen to improve the environmental footprint of industrial processes, transportation and energy systems.</p> </div> </div>

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Overview: <p>The PDM is a position specific to the planning, scheduling, budgeting, resourcing, and execution of approved Product Development projects according to those plans. Objectives will be related to achieving the key milestones laid out in those plans.&nbsp; The PDM will ensure systems and resources are in place for the efficient completion of the approved product development projects. The PDM also will cooperates with other management to help develop and implement policy to improve the Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental Systems of the Corporation.</p>
Responsibilities: <p>The PDM has the authority to to manage the approved Product Development Projects as deemed appropriate, subject any limitations issued by the CTO and the COO and any applicable guidelines set forth by federal and provincial standards.</p> <p>Top Five:</p> <ul> <li>Oversee the day-to-day activities of the Corporation&rsquo;s Product Development Team.</li> <li>Regular (weekly) status reporting to the CTO and COO, and lead regular planned projects review meetings with the Product Development Team, Manufacturing and Technology Development Managers, CTO and COO</li> <li>Build and validate the operability of the Corporation&rsquo;s product prototypes through testing, according to approved project plans .</li> <li>Work closely with the Manufacturing Team to smoothly transition the Corporation&rsquo;s products from Product Development to Manufacturing, according to approved project plans.</li> <li>Troubleshoot product prototypes and assist in field troubleshooting of production units as may be required.</li> </ul> <p>Additional Responsibilities:</p> <ul> <li>Support the FAT, installation and commissioning of production units.</li> <li>Obtains/collects input from Manufacturing and Technology Development on components, supply chain, assembly processes and prepares required draft documentation required for transfer of products to manufacturing.</li> <li>Makes decisions in the areas of appropriate technologies, equipment sourcing and quality processes that impact accuracy, reliability, operating cost, and compliance to standards and regulations, as required and within the scope of approved projects.</li> <li>Applies and improves processes such as test equipment design, maintenance and calibration and tools such as measurement systems analysis, problem solving, root cause analysis, and process hazard analysis required to support the product development processes and enable strong execution of approved projects.</li> <li>Develop maintenance schedule recommendations for Manufacturing (Service).</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Minimally a 4 year engineering degree in the areas of electrical, mechanical, or chemical engineering; a Masters degree would be preferred.</li> <li>5 years experience with electromechanical systems development - design and testing.</li> <li>Strong knowledge of and experience with design for manufacturability.</li> <li>Strong electrical and mechanical knowledge and experience .</li> <li>Hands-on approach. Safety and detail oriented.</li> <li>Adept in MS Office applications &ndash; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project.</li> <li>Knowledge of quality management systems, ISO 9001, and quality control an asset.</li> <li>Demonstrated expertise in: <ul> <li><strong>Product Function Testing</strong>- planning and execution of validation testing of the Corporation&rsquo;s product prototypes as per/part of approved product development projects.</li> <li><strong>Project Management</strong> - Establishing and maintaining the "Balanced Triangle" of Scope, Schedule and Resources for approved projects.</li> <li><strong>Decision quality</strong> - Making good and timely decisions that keep the Corporation&rsquo;s product development projects moving forward.</li> <li><strong>Driving results</strong> - Consistently achieving results, while maintaining projects on schedule and on budget.</li> <li><strong>Communicating effectively</strong> - Regular status reporting and running projects reviews according to projects schedules.</li> <li><strong>Building networks</strong> - Effectively building formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the organization.</li> </ul> </li> </ul>