Food Service Assistant

We're looking for a Food Service Assistant to provide quality experiences and service to members and their guests.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Oakland Hills Country Club

Founded in 1916, Oakland Hills Country Club has, and will continue to play a significant role in the history of golf in the United States. Walter Hagen, five time PGA Champion, was the club's first head professional. The South Course has played host to 16 Major Championships including: six U.S. Opens; two U.S. Senior Opens; U.S. Women’s Amateur; U.S. Men’s Amateur; Western Open; the Carling World Open; the 35th Ryder Cup in 2004; and three PGA Championships -- including the 90th PGA Championship in 2008. Some of the greatest players ever to play the game including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Ben Hogan have competed and won on the famed South Course, also known as "The Monster". The membership is proud of the heritage of their club and consider themselves stewards of a national golf treasure.

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Experience preferred

Overview: <p>Assist wait staff in providing services to members and guests.</p>
Responsibilities: <h1>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</h1> <ul> <li>Is prepared for work.(13%) <ul> <li>Present and on time for scheduled work.</li> <li>Work clothing/uniform is complete, clean, and pressed.</li> <li>Attends pre-post meetings as scheduled.</li> <li>Knows club event schedule</li> </ul> </li> <li>Ensures side work, set up and clean up are completed. (15%) <ul> <li>Dining/function rooms are set up properly according to diagrams or as instructed in a timely manner.</li> <li>Tables are set with the appropriate silverware, glassware and clean linens.</li> <li>Completely clear table and replace linens between seatings and reset the table, make sure chairs are free of crumbs and/or water spills. Glassware is polished before use.</li> <li>Obtain tables, chairs, and event equipment from storerooms and return items as needed.</li> <li>Maintains services until relieved for breaks or lunch/dinner unless approved by supervisor.</li> <li>Complete all assigned closing side work or additional duties assigned by supervisor.</li> <li>Always get approval from supervisor when leaving the floor or ending your shift.</li> <li>At the end of service, stocks appropriate glassware and silver for the following shift, as well as any additional duties assigned by supervisor.</li> <li>Performs other duties as assigned or as necessary.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Provides Food and Beverage Services (23%) <ul> <li>Serve water, breads and butter and other required/requested items as guests are seated within two minutes.</li> <li>Assist carrying food trays to tables.</li> <li>Assists wait staff clearing dishware from tables. Use a crumber when necessary after clearing dirty dishes.</li> <li>Assist servers in refills of water/coffee. Beverages should never be below a &frac14; full.</li> <li>Assist servers with table maintenance on banquets in between clearing courses.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Cleans food service areas. (15%) <ul> <li>Removes trash from dining rooms, grille, bar and assigned areas and properly disposes of materials in dumpsters.</li> <li>Cleans chairs to remove dust and soil before and after meals.</li> <li>Wet spills are immediately cleaned or absorbed to prevent stains, slips, or falls.</li> <li>Patio area and furniture are cleaned between meal periods.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Maintains inventory and properly records information. (9%) <ul> <li>Keeps ice bins, glass racks, and stations stocked adequately at the bar, side stations, and satellite operations.</li> <li>Dining rooms are restocked with silverware and consumable supplies at all times.</li> <li>Requests maintenance department support for repairs via direct supervisor.</li> <li>Utilizes proper swipe card to accurately record work time.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Markets club activities, products and services to members and guests.(5%) <ul> <li>Appropriately suggests food and beverage services for members&rsquo; use/consumption including specials, appetizers, desserts, and select wines.</li> <li>Encourages member participation in club events and activities.</li> <li>Suggests programmatic ideas to increase food/beverage services.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Provides quality experiences for all members, guests and staff. (12%) <ul> <li>Acknowledge members, guests, and staff promptly, making eye-contact and smiling.</li> <li>Act as an emissary of member needs and requests by:</li> <li>Communicate pleasantly and positively.</li> <li>Greeting members by name (i.e. Mr._______, Mrs._______) whenever possible. First name basis only with co-workers.</li> <li>Solicits opportunities for assistance to members.</li> <li>Responds timely to the urgency of the members/guests needs.</li> <li>Accepts responsibility for problems which may develop regardless of the cause. <ul> <li>Uses proper phone etiquette at all times.</li> <li>Trains new staff correctly and completely.</li> </ul> </li> </ul> </li> <li>Adherence to the staff mission statement: (8%) <ul> <li><em>We are committed to sustained excellence in the quality of services and&nbsp;</em><em>products provided to our members and fellow staff.</em></li> <li>&ldquo;Continuous improvement&rdquo; in our efficiencies, services and products will reinforce the Clubs value to our members.</li> <li>Maintaining and enhancing club relationships that are mutually appreciative, responsive, and supportive of members and fellow staff will positively distinguish us from other organizations.</li> <li>Easy to work with.</li> <li>Regularly gets along with other staff members.</li> <li>Shows respect for others and the workplace.</li> <li>Handles problem resolution with other staff and managers in a professional and appropriate manner.</li> </ul> </li> </ul>
Requirements: <p>Education: Ability to read and write</p> <p>Skill: Customer Service Skills</p> <p>Experience: Previous food and beverage experience preferred</p> <p>Certifications: Alcohol Awareness Certification</p> <p>Physical Demands: Some bending, stooping and standing and walking for long periods.&nbsp; Must be able to move trays up to 30 pounds above the shoulder.&nbsp; Pushing and lifting of furniture and lifting of trash, linen bags, and quantities of ice.</p>