Die Setter Level I - 1st Shift

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Marlette, MI

Oetiker Group

<p>Get to know us to get ahead.&nbsp;<span data-contrast="auto">For more than 75 years, Oetiker has been a leading manufacturer of high-end connecting solutions for OEMs worldwide. As an employer, we offer our employees attractive international challenges and many development opportunities. Diversity and high quality standards are the foundation of our corporate culture. This way, we combine the visions of today with the technology of tomorrow.</span><span data-ccp-props="{}">&nbsp;</span></p> https://oetiker.com/

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Full Time

Overview: Oetiker, Inc was stablished in 1981 in Marlette, MI. Clamp production got underway that same year to service the automotive and industrial applications markets in North America. In 1997, Oetiker built a brand new 70,071 square foot Clamping Technology Center across the street from the original facility, which accomodates both the production and administration operations. Oetiker continues to develop and grow as the Group expands product offerings to provide customers with high-quality engineered connecting solutions.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Die Set-up <ul> <li>Startup and shut down all machines</li> <li>Change coils on all machines</li> <li>Un-jam Lens, Finzer, BMS, Spako and Ing Yu</li> <li>Regrind dies for Lens, Finzer, BMS, Spako and Ing Yu</li> <li>Set-up, troubleshoot, and repair Finzers, Lens, BMS, Spako, and Ing Yu (change tooling, set feeder, and change modules) of all machines to pass FAIR</li> <li>Overhead crane operation</li> <li>Pull tooling from Lean Lift</li> <li>Ensure compliance with ICM master manual, process manuals, and product safety</li> <li>Keep a neat and orderly work environment</li> </ul> </li> <li>Quality Inspection <ul> <li>Measure products to print specifications with the use of calipers</li> <li>Gauge parts to engineering specifications</li> <li>Enter data into Fastcheck</li> <li>Conduct quality visual inspection of the finished product</li> </ul> </li> </ul>
Requirements: <strong>Knowledge, Skills, Abilities</strong> <ul> <li>Assembly Skills, Inspection Skills, Math Skills, Reading Comprehension Skills</li> </ul> <strong><br />Education /&nbsp;Experience</strong> <ul> <li>High school diploma or GED equivalent</li> <li>Preferably a minimum of 3 years&rsquo; experience as a die setter within a metal stamping manufacturing facility</li> </ul>