Tool & Die Tooling Technician

<span class="TextRun BCX9 SCXW32029017" lang="EN-US" xml:lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto"><span class="NormalTextRun BCX9 SCXW32029017">Oetiker employees make strong connections every day. Whether it&rsquo;s in the automotive industry or in medical technology:&nbsp; our reliable solutions are used wherever it is important to securely connect different components. This is what our customers all over the world rely on. For about 1,800 colleagues in more than 30 countries, we are an employer that values diversity and offers reliability. When can we get in touch with you?</span></span>

Marlette, MI

Oetiker Group

<p>Working together to make over 2 billion connections every year. That&rsquo;s what we do at Oetiker. Our &lsquo;<em>OneOetiker</em>&rsquo; culture is built on open and respectful collaboration and strong relationships with team members. Our strength comes directly from our team, our values and a culture of trust, teamwork, and professional growth.</p> <p>Do you want to connect?</p>

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Overview: Oetiker provides customers with the peace of mind that their mission-critical components are reliably connected. We are a global leader in high-end connecting solutions for the vehicle industry&nbsp;and for high-value applications in industrial segments. Our expertise in high-quality clamps, rings, straps and quick-connectors ranges from powertrain and drivetrain applications to medical applications. We offer engineering, prototyping and testing support to quickly create comprehensive solutions for overcoming clamping and connecting challenges. With 1800+&nbsp;employees in&nbsp;more than&nbsp;30&nbsp;countries and over 75 years of experience, we are the trusted, global, long-term partner for the world&rsquo;s leading OEMs.
Responsibilities: Setting up and operating tool room machines, re-sharpening tools, tooling repairs, welding, troubleshooting production tooling issues, rebuilding pneumatic components.
Requirements: <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:</strong></span> <ul> <li>Assembly skills</li> <li>Attention to detail</li> <li>Logic and reasoning skills</li> <li>Blueprint reading skills</li> <li>Inspection skills, reading comprehension</li> <li>Troubleshooting skills</li> <li>Effective communication skills</li> <li>Ability to work within a cross-functional team</li> </ul> <br /><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Education/Experience:</strong></span> <ul> <li>High School Diploma or GED equivalent</li> <li>Federally Approved Tool and Die Apprenticeship (preferred)</li> <li>Minimum of 7 years as a Tool &amp; Die Machinist</li> </ul>