Material Handling Commissioning & Controls Manager

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<p>Since 1975, the passion of Peach State&rsquo;s consultants, engineers and integrators has been to learn every aspect of our client&rsquo;s business so that, together, we can plan and build supply chains that make all of our jobs and our worlds <em>ideal</em>. Peach State is the founder and producer of the annual <a href="" target="_blank"><em>National Leadership Development Conference For Supply Chain Executives</em></a>. This by-invitation conference is an exclusive educational forum where senior level Supply Chain leaders and their teams can build relationships and share unique experiences with peers while aiding in the development of the next generation of leaders. In 2014, Associated Integrated Supply Chain Solutions acquired Peach State. Today, Associated and Peach State are one of the largest supply chain solutions providers in North America.</p>

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Overview: <ul> <li>Seeking an exceptionally analytical professional who thrives on bringing complex material handling systems to life!</li> <li>You&rsquo;ll be a key member on the team of blue-chip players that make sure the automated systems we design and build operate at peak performance before we hand the keys to the client.</li> <li>Your critical eye, expertise at troubleshooting on demand, and commitment to customer satisfaction are a must!</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Oversee design of controls portion of automation projects</li> <li>Facilitate controls meeting between controls provider, equipment provider(s), and client (when applicable)</li> <li>Assist in development of description of operations</li> <li>Manage controls installation of automation projects</li> <li>Lead testing and commissioning efforts of automation projects</li> <li>Review vendor acknowledgments for correctness</li> <li>Assist or lead, when necessary, in project manager functions</li> <li>Issue purchase orders for mechanical equipment and installation labor</li> <li>Coordinate delivery of equipment from vendors</li> <li>Develop installation document package for installation</li> <li>Site supervision during installation and debug phases of project</li> <li>Review vendor invoices for correctness</li> <li>Administer customer acceptance procedures, including punch lists, change orders, etc.</li> <li>Project accounting, billing, reconciliation, and close-out</li> <li>Manage development of as-built drawings and documentation package</li> <li>Manage development and/or develop spare parts lists, maintenance manuals, and operator training manuals</li> <li>Develop and administer customer-operator training sessions</li> <li>Perform post-project reviews with engineering and operations teams to determine project success, areas of improvement, etc.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Leadership: Integrity, honesty, accountability, a commitment to build a true team environment, and the ability to lead change.</li> <li>Communication: Excellent written, verbal, and listening skills required.&nbsp;</li> <li>Negotiation / Problem solving: The ability to handle stressful and tough situations professionally is required.</li> <li>Working knowledge of AutoCAD.</li> <li>Working knowledge of spreadsheets and text document development software, i.e. Excel, Word, etc.</li> <li>Ability to readily learn and use vendor supplied design and pricing software packages.</li> <li>Working knowledge of Microsoft Project or other project scheduling software packages.</li> <li>Working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint, or other presentation software packages.</li> <li>Demonstrate knowledge, skill, and ability to manage the implementation of capital projects including large scale conveyor systems, AS/RS systems, and high-speed sortation systems.</li> <li>Demonstrate knowledge, skill, and ability to properly apply conveyors and other mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic devices used in the transport, accumulation, and sortation of cartons, pallets, etc. commonly used in the material handling industry.</li> <li>Demonstrate knowledge, skill, and ability to manage the integration of equipment, warehouse control systems, as well as complex tracking and pick module systems.</li> <li>Possess good organizational skills, and must follow good engineering and project management practices.</li> <li>Ability to follow departmental procedures for developing project numbers, drawing sets, project folders, document transmittals, etc.</li> <li>Proven history of team supervision for diverse teams of engineers, subcontractors, and site managers with regard to work schedules, priorities, work layout, and conflict resolution.</li> <li>Ability to work independently once assigned tasks.</li> <li>Possess effective time management skills.</li> <li> <p>(preferred but not required) 2-year technical degree plus 10 years practical work experience in the industry, or: 4-year engineering/technical degree plus 8 years practical work experience in the industry, or: 4-year engineering/technical degree plus a post-graduate degree in engineering/technology/management plus 4 years practical work experience in the industry.</p> </li> </ul>