Consulting Manager PM

As a Project X Consulting Manager you will take on a dual role. You will be responsible for project deliverables as part of a project team. As well, you will responsible for the day-to-day management of a team of consultants, overseeing and supporting the ongoing performance of your team.

Toronto, ON

Project X Ltd.

<div>Project X Ltd. is a data and analytics boutique, systems integration and support firm.</div> <p>By focusing on our clients&rsquo; objectives and best interests we are able to work collaboratively to drive business value.&nbsp;Our team of experienced professionals works along side our customers using an integrated delivery model which allows us to tailor our approach to the individual needs of an engagement. From strategy through execution to delivery we work with our clients to achieve results in a quick and cost effective manner.</p> <p><strong>Our Difference is our Approach.</strong></p> Creative, innovative and adaptive approach to solutions to meet client objectives<br />Single focus on delivering value<br />Act with a sense of urgency<br />Maintain collegial approach<br />Work in the best interests of client<br />Generate great results<br />Develop trusted relationships<br /> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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Overview: <p><strong>Data is our core DNA</strong></p> <p><strong>About Project X</strong></p> <p>We work with clients to solve problems and gain insight through the use of data and analytics. Our clients give us their most challenging situations and no problem is too big or small for our team.</p> <p>Every day at Project X is a call to address the challenges our clients have. That&rsquo;s the life of a team of trusted advisors creating data and analytics solutions for complex client problems. We do this through collaboration, creativity and an innate need to solve tough data problems.</p> <p>Data can be messy and problematic and our teams generally land somewhere in the middle of it. And that&rsquo;s where the passion comes in; to work at Project X you must share our obsession for the essence of data, to break through and make sense of it all, and of course add value at every stage of the process.</p> <p>Data is our core DNA. What makes Project X unique is our custom methodology that delivers results rapidly and allows for our team&rsquo;s creativity to solve the problems we&rsquo;re trusted to work on. This, paired with the fact that data runs deep in our veins and is what makes up who we are, individually and as a team, allows us to do the work we&rsquo;re passionate about. It is the foundation that translates into a common understanding, a way of being, that is apparent not just to us at Project X, but to our clients.</p> <p><strong>What we do</strong></p> <p>At Project X, we work side-by-side with our clients to create a tailored approach that meets their needs. From strategy through execution to delivery, Project X works with our clients to achieve results in a quick and cost-effective manner using our rapid results methodology. This approach defines our success and sets up apart.</p> <p><strong>Who we need</strong></p> <p>Project X is seeking a Consulting Manager. This is a newly created position for a Project Manager who wants to step up into a people management role. Someone who wants to prioritize the day-to-day and long term development of a small team of consultants. A people manager who can connect with their reportees on a regular basis, ensuring that everyone team member feels supported, heard and appreciated.</p> <p>Our new Consulting Manager will continue to perform as a Project Manager, leading client-facing projects. PMs at Project X are pragmatic and insightful. They work on client sites across the GTA, on innovative solution implementations, gaining incomparable exposure to complex tech and data analytics, diving deep into the problems and the solutions our clients need. Our PMs have a high personal standard of quality, superior communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of data warehouses and BI solutions. Project X works with exciting tech including Big Data solutions, MicroStrategy, and Teradata to build inspiring data warehouse solutions.</p> <p>As a Project X Consulting Manager you will take on a dual role. You will be responsible for project deliverables as part of a project team. As well, you will responsible for the day-to-day management of a team of consultants, overseeing and supporting the ongoing performance of your team:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Coaching:</strong> <ul> <li>Conduct regular one-one meetings with individuals on your team.</li> <li>Work with individuals on a professional development plan.</li> <li>Address skill gaps and coach for performance.</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Managing:</strong> <ul> <li>Match team skillsets and availability to accommodate engagements.</li> <li>Establish performance expectations and drive performance management processes.</li> <li>Provide leadership and participate in recruitment efforts to build out teams.</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Collaborating:</strong> <ul> <li>Work side-by-side with the Executive leadership to develop career paths and career models.</li> <li>Be approachable and available for your team to reach out with issues, concerns and questions.</li> <li>Support company sales activities as a senior delivery professional.</li> </ul> </li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>As a Project Manager, you will be responsible for:</strong></p> <ul> <li>End-to-end ownership and accountability of the project. A true on-site, tactical leader. You will simultaneously be focused on the big picture and the details.</li> <li>Coordinating all of the key players on your team - BAs, developers, testers and third party vendors - with the customer, ensuring everyone is aligned. You will be involved in the full SDLC and work across all teams to ensure we add value to the customer.</li> <li>Building out all of the key project management deliverables and processes. From Gantt charts to detailed project plans. From documenting and assessing risks to change management strategies. From communication plans to budgets.</li> <li>Managing budgets. As part of project oversight, the PM will review and approve costs. This includes working closely with third party vendors to establish a strict scope and monitoring a set budget.</li> <li>Scheduling Sprint activities. Many of our clients run Waterfall with Agile influences. Project deliverables need to be broken down, assigned and deployed by the Project Manager.</li> <li>Managing risks, evaluating - and re-evaluating-change requests, maintaining the defined scope parameters. Both from a day-to-day perspective but also, from a long-term project perspective. You will be responsible for troubleshooting, anticipating and deploying solutions to issues as they arise.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>And how do we know that&rsquo;s you? You have:</strong></p> <ul> <li>A university degree, preferably in Business Administration or Computer Science/Engineering.</li> <li>Ten years of full SDLC project experience including three as a Project Manager planning and executing complex technical projects.</li> <li>Influential project management skills. You can lead the work of a cross-functional team, working closely with the client to ensure requirements are met. Your focus is on delivery excellence and client management while maintaining the profitability of the project. You have strong change management skills.</li> <li>Well-developed people management skills &ndash; and a true commitment to seeing your people thrive. You know how to provide career coaching and performance management. You have high quality standards for your team members and you hold them accountable for their deliverables.</li> <li>Outstanding written and oral communication skills. You can speak to any level of internal or external client. You are comfortable making formal and informal presentations and your written work is impressive. Your project updates - written and oral - are clear and concise.</li> <li>Expert relationship building skills. You know how to motivate and inspire your team members. You are confident in asking the hard questions and empathetic when listening. You can gain the trust of your clients.</li> <li>Flexibility. You can adjust your priorities easily. You can smoothly multi-task switching from project-focused issues to people-focused concerns.</li> <li>Advanced technical skills. You have an understanding of databases, data warehouses, analytics and reporting. Exposure to any of the following would be beneficial: SQL Server, Teradata or Oracle. Big data platforms. Reporting and visualization tools such as MicroStrategy, Cognos, Tableau, Click.</li> <li>A consulting state-of-mind. It&rsquo;s a thing. You&rsquo;ll know if you have it. So will we. You can coach your team on how to effectively work autonomously and away from headquarters for long periods of time. And still find their way back &ldquo;home&rdquo; and into the comfortable, open and sharing mental and physical space of our office on a regular basis.</li> <li>Problem-solving skills. Complex projects have complex problems. You enjoy navigating the path to solutions.</li> <li>Diplomacy. You can translate but not placate customers; clarifying ambiguities and presenting information in a way that is structured and makes sense.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>