Project Manager (Landscape Architecture- Land Planning)

Our purpose is to inspire people to be outside and engage in the community around them. As planners and landscape architects, we embrace every opportunity to advance this mission by creating memorable and engaging outdoor experiences. <div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: -83px; top: -20.0139px;">&nbsp;</div>



<strong>Founded in Austin, Texas in 1982, RVi has grown into a regional design firm widely recognized for its creative contributions in land use analysis, community planning, and design of outdoor spaces.</strong><br /><br /><strong>Our clients represent a wide range of market sectors &ndash; from private sector developers to federal agencies, counties, and municipalities. We take pride in these collaborative partnerships that have spanned many years.</strong><br /><br /><strong>From initial project visioning through the final punch list, and all the steps in between, we ensure that your project lives up to its potential.</strong>

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Full Time

Overview: The&nbsp;<strong>Project Manager&nbsp;</strong>is a licensed professional Landscape Architect or Certified Planner responsible for production, coordination, and supervision of multiple projects. The Project Manager&rsquo;s responsibilities include all aspects of project development, including project initiation, design and planning, team organization and leadership, coordination, staff supervision, scheduling, and management to ensure the efficient production and delivery of a well-coordinated quality product in a profitable and timely manner.
Responsibilities: <p><strong>Administrative</strong></p> <ul> <li>Works collaboratively with other employees;</li> <li>Full knowledge of firm organization and operations;</li> <li>Full knowledge of office policy, standards, and procedures;</li> <li>Participates on an RVi office committee;</li> </ul> <h1>Business Development</h1> <ul> <li>Maintains positive project and client relationships;</li> <li>Full knowledge of RVi marketing procedure and policy;</li> <li>Participates on the RVi Marketing Committee;</li> <li>Initiates business development and client retention activities;</li> <li>Initiates and manages contract agreements and facilitates acceptance;</li> <li>Prepares final agreements;</li> <li>Secures additional work from existing clients and prepares project amendments;</li> </ul> <h1>Project</h1> <ul> <li>Attends scheduling meetings;</li> <li>Performs project tasks reliably and effectively and in a timely manner;</li> <li>Demonstrates reliable performance managing multiple projects effectively;</li> <li>Leads project team activities;</li> <li>Effectively communicates with Project Team;</li> <li>Promotes a collaborative project team atmosphere;</li> <li>Manages project initiation, research, materials and site furnishing selections, programming, and conceptualization;</li> <li>Coordinates, and approves project presentation materials and participates in design review and client presentations;</li> <li>Leads development of project goals and organization;</li> <li>Prepares consultant agreements;</li> <li>Coordinates design presentations;</li> <li>Prepares creative solutions that meet client goals;</li> <li>Maintains regular client communications;</li> <li>Prepares and reviews project correspondence, documentation, and presentation materials that meet project intent, schedule, and budget expectations;</li> <li>Leads and coordinates project and client meetings;</li> <li>Coordinates and monitors project and client communications;</li> <li>Coordinates consultant activities;</li> <li>Prepares and oversees CAD document production and coordinates drawings;</li> <li>Prepares project specifications and coordinates with drawings;</li> <li>Produces documents within established fee budget and schedule;</li> <li>Reviews takeoffs, cost estimates, and manages project budgets;</li> <li>Review construction documents;</li> <li>Approves and seals construction documents;</li> <li>Adheres to RVi Quality Control review process;</li> <li>Directs Construction Administration activities and makes site visits;</li> <li>Manages project submittal review;</li> <li>Reviews and approves project reprographics and printed materials;</li> <li>Manages project budget and updates leadership monthly;</li> <li>Responds to Project Director and Client requests;</li> <li>Effectively delegates tasks to Staff Designers, Staff Planners, and Student Interns;</li> </ul> <h1>Training</h1> <ul> <li>Serves as a mentor to Staff Designers, Staff Planners, and Student Interns;</li> <li>Pursues and manages continuing education opportunities in alignment with target markets, licensure requirements, and with RVi Professional Development Plan;</li> <li>Attends trade events and professional association conferences;</li> <li>Seeks and advocates continuing education opportunities for junior staff;</li> <li>Participates in annual performance evaluation;</li> <li>Participates in annual performance evaluation of Staff Designers and Planners;</li> <li>Participates in 360 Partnership program;</li> </ul>
Requirements: <h1>Education</h1> <p>Landscape Architecture or Planning degree from accredited BLA or MLA university program;</p> <h1>Registration and Certification</h1> <p>Registered Landscape Architect or Certified Planner (AICP, LEED) CLARB certification (for licensed Landscape Architects only)</p> <h1>Experience and Skills</h1> <ul> <li>Understanding of structure and content of the RVi Pro Practice Toolbox;</li> <li>4-10 years of experience in a private sector design or planning office;</li> <li>Advanced design and/or planning skills;</li> <li>Advanced AutoCAD and customizations, Photoshop, SketchUp, and Microsoft Office suite software (designers). Advanced ArcView, ArcGIS, and M-Color skills (planners),</li> <li>Excellent communications skills;</li> <li>Advanced contract document layout and production knowledge;</li> <li>Advanced hand and digital rendering skills;</li> <li>Advanced collaborative and teamwork skills;</li> <li>Advanced delegation skills;</li> <li>Advanced project management skills;</li> <li>Completion of PSMJ or PMI Project Manager Boot Camp;</li> </ul>