Assistant Director HR1

<strong>The purpose of the Assistant Director position is to assist in managing the overall operation of the childcare center.</strong>

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Rainbow Child Care Center - KY

<p>As teachers and caregivers, our goal is to achieve a sense of continuity between home and school. We believe it is important for children to maintain a familiar and comfortable routine. Through parent/teacher communication, we individualize each child&rsquo;s care and learning opportunities.&nbsp;As a family-oriented child development center, Rainbow Child Care Center assures a quality &ldquo;home away from home&rdquo;. We provide an atmosphere where children are respected, staff are responsible and parents are always welcome. Our program enhances each child&rsquo;s development by offering a caring atmosphere combined with a structured curriculum. We believe in helping children develop a positive self-image, sense of independence and self-discipline through developmentally appropriate activities.</p>

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Full-Time, Exempt and Non-Exempt

Overview: <p>The purpose of the Assistant Director position is to assist in managing the overall operation of the childcare center.&nbsp; These duties include, but are not limited to the following: provide a safe, healthy, consistent, positive, caring environment to children in your care, supervise and develop staff, implement curriculum, develop parental rapport, ensure &nbsp;profitability, ensure maximum enrollment, and to update and maintain financial reports.<br /><br /></p> <p><u>Expected Working Hours</u></p> <p>The primary work hours range from open to close daily, Monday through Friday.&nbsp; This is a full-time position with the expectation of working a schedule generally opposite of the Director (i.e. opening/closing).&nbsp; Some evenings or weekends may be required to address emergency or weather-related situations, attend or run trainings, meetings, job fairs or other events.&nbsp; Additional hours may be required, especially during the Director&rsquo;s absence.</p> <p><u>Work Environment</u></p> <p>The center property is comprised of a combination of exterior parking lots, exterior landscaping, indoor and outdoor play equipment, a variety of indoor classrooms, indoor common areas, a kitchen, buses or other company vehicles and office space.&nbsp; Management of all center property is required.</p> <p><u>Expected Travel</u></p> <p>Occasional travel is expected for marketing events, assistance at other centers, and attendance at training sessions.</p>
Responsibilities: <p><u>Essential Functions</u></p> <p>All functions are performed under the guidance and supervision of the Center Director, while providing general support and assistance to the Center&rsquo;s operations.&nbsp; The division of primary responsibilities between the Center Director and Assistant Director, may vary by center.</p> <ul> <li>Administer and uphold all policies of RCCC, stay up to date on all policy changes and ensure staff, parents and children adhere to the policies.</li> <li>Maintain supplies, meet reporting deadlines, issue verbal and written communications on behalf of the center, participate in conference calls, training sessions, and webinars</li> <li>Manage time and work flow to meet deadlines and respond to requests in a timely manner, including staying current with emails</li> <li>Maintain communication with RM regarding all issues relating to the financial stability and orderly operation of the center, in absence of the Director</li> <li>Utilize company tools to control labor percentage and accountable expenses to maintain budget targets</li> <li>Meet all licensing and sanitation requirements in the center, including but not limited to; maintaining required in-service hours and ensuring staff does the same, stay up to date on licensing changes, and uphold all health policies</li> <li>Document and report possible cases of child abuse or neglect in accordance with State Regulations and company policies</li> <li>Be the &ldquo;face&rdquo; of Rainbow, be tour ready at all times, represent and promote Rainbow in a positive manner, be available to parents at all times, respond timely to concerns and take proactive efforts to prevent dis-enrollments, involve Director or RM</li> <li>Complete all required enrollment and financial agreements forms, maintain child/family files, and ensure proper billing utilizing child management software</li> <li>Proactively foster positive family relations, plan and attend Parent Involvement Committee meetings (PIC), issue newsletters, calendars, plan events, hold meetings and conferences, facilitate teacher/parent communications, retention initiates</li> <li>Conduct family orientations, enforce Family Handbook policies, maintain documentation</li> <li>Be knowledgeable of FTE budget, manage center to meet enrollment targets</li> <li>Prepare and implement marketing plans, manage CRM, response to leads timely</li> <li>Maintain contacts within the community; such as local elementary schools; libraries, chamber of commerce, and fire/police and represent the center at community functions when necessary</li> <li>Ensure safety through proper maintenance of building, grounds, and equipment, fulfill general cleaning and upkeep of facility, including entering maintenance needs into Manager Plus +</li> <li>Respond to safety and security concerns in a timely manner, update door codes, be proactive in recognizing potential issues</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Use available tools to recruit and hire adequate staff to maintain ratio&rsquo;s in classrooms, partner with Director or RM and HR as needed for support</li> <li>Promote positive employee relations throughout center, including retention initiatives</li> <li>Utilize Director, RM and HR as required to manage employee behaviors and policy violations</li> <li>Submit all employee related documentation to appropriate department in a timely manner, including but not limited to; new hire documentation, termination documents, FMLA/LOA requests, work comp information, and unemployment correspondence</li> <li>Ensure all staff are on boarded properly, including but not limited to; a complete file, meeting all licensing requirements (background check, education, and training), and completing all orientation and training</li> <li>Maintain complete and accurate employee files, including conducting periodic audits<br /> Conduct performance evaluations on staff per company guidelines</li> <li>Hold staff meetings, issue regular communications to teachers (verbal and written), keep parents up to date on staff changes</li> <li>Uphold and maintain Quality Program Standards and The Learning Environment Standards throughout center</li> <li>Maintain state Quality Rating and Accreditation standards as required</li> <li>Maintain high quality care and education utilizing The Creative Curriculum&reg; and proprietary curriculum components, including but not limited to; Baby Sign, Ready, Set, GROW! Fit Foundations, Language Immersion Spanish, and Zoo-phonics&reg;</li> <li>Provide teachers with curriculum resources, training materials, and professional development opportunities to support learning environment</li> <li>Review weekly lesson plans to ensure lessons are developmentally appropriate and required activities are implemented including the thematic units and Pre-K Academy monthly projects</li> <li>Maintain the Child Assessment Portfolio System as well as Parent / Teacher Conferences, and promote the Child Success Plan system to support children and teachers</li> <li>Utilize current reporting procedures to timely report all incidents to the proper channel (CI Team, RM, Licensing etc), in absence of Director</li> <li>Inform management of potential exposures, such as liability cases and lawsuits</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><u>Qualifications</u></p> <p>Should be in the final stages of completing a Bachelor&rsquo;s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or a relevant field (or State Licensing minimum education) and at least three (3) years of experience in a child care setting. Must be able to meet all licensing requirements, per state guidelines.<br /><br /></p> <p><u>Physical Abilities</u></p> <p>Walking, standing, sitting, kneeling, bending, stooping, reaching, pushing, pulling, grasping and lifting will be required to manage the center and oversee/attend to all children&rsquo;s needs, and perform any and all positions in the center, as needed.</p>