Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager is responsible for oversight of the Building/Facilities and the Maintenance Personnel.  

1732 Crooks Rd, Troy, MI 48084

Rainbow Child Care Center - Troy, Michigan

<p>As teachers and caregivers, our goal is to achieve a sense of continuity between home and school. We believe it is important for children to maintain a familiar and comfortable routine. Through parent/teacher communication, we individualize each child&rsquo;s care and learning opportunities.&nbsp;As a family-oriented child development center, Rainbow Child Care Center assures a quality &ldquo;home away from home&rdquo;. We provide an atmosphere where children are respected, staff are responsible and parents are always welcome. Our program enhances each child&rsquo;s development by offering a caring atmosphere combined with a structured curriculum. We believe in helping children develop a positive self-image, sense of independence and self-discipline through developmentally appropriate activities.</p> https://www.rainbowccc.com/

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Overview: To oversee the facilities department, this includes all aspects of maintenance personnel, school repairs, and vehicle assignment.
Responsibilities: <p><strong>Building / Facilities</strong></p> <ul> <li>Assist in the oversight of entire Maintenance department including facilities assistant, Asset Manager and Maintenance Technicians</li> <li>Reports to Facilities Director</li> <li>Use best business practices to improve efficiencies by reducing costs while increasing productivity</li> <li>Assist and coordinate Cap X projects with Construction and Acquisition Coordinator</li> <li>Create a checks and balance system for:</li> <li>building&nbsp;expansions/remodels.&nbsp; Communicate to Operations / Director of Construction milestones and interruptions, etc.</li> <li>Oversee building (school / Home Office) maintenance and building services (cleaning, security, health &amp; safety)</li> <li>Oversee interior and exterior maintenance</li> </ul> <p><strong>Maintenance Personnel</strong></p> <ul> <li>Oversight of maintenance team &ndash; hiring, scheduling, assigning territory, disciplining, terminating, etc.</li> <li>Management daily schedule of maintenance team &ndash; ensure all centers have consistent visits, timely repairs and preventative maintenance</li> <li>Review the payroll system T-Sheets, for accurate clock-in/out times, time off entries and approvals, holiday and/or lunch punches</li> <li>Approve all overtime and follow proper protocol for such OT</li> <li>To provide each maintenance tech with a fully equipped vehicle and inventory of tools and upon resignation/termination confirm vehicle and inventory of tools are returned the same way</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Must maintain contact list and relationships on all contractors:&nbsp; carpet, lawn, snow, cleaning crew, garbage, phones, etc.</li> <li>Provide timely follow-up for all Immediate Action Items (IAI) using the Manager Plus software to track assets, repairs and allow open communication</li> <li>Must be liaison between center level management and facilities/operations until all IAI items are completed to satisfactory level</li> </ul> <strong>Experience in:&nbsp;</strong><br /> <ul> <li>Managing budgeting, scheduling, and quoting of Capital Improvements</li> </ul>