Glass & Mirror Installer

Frank’s Glass & Mirror provides residential glass services to builders, contractors, designers and property management companies. We are looking for someone to deliver and install custom glass showers, mirrors and thermal units in a residential application. 

Stoney Creek, ON, Canada

Recruiting Concepts

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$17-$24 per hour + benefits

Overview: <p>To deliver and install custom glass showers, mirrors and thermal units in a residential application. To work efficiently in the shop cutting, polishing glass &amp; mirror. Maintaining a safe and clean work environment in the trucks, in the shop and on site.</p> As a member of our service team, the Lead Hand is responsible for the overall planning and installation on a job site while ensuring communication to the supervisor and/or helper&nbsp; is clear and effective.<br /><br />Projects are mostly residential, some commercial, high end custom showers, mirrors, thermo windows, tabletops, shelving etc. Short slow season where hours cut back to between 30-35 hours per week.<br /><br /> <p><strong>HOLIDAYS AND PAY<br /></strong><br />pay range dependent upon experience $17-$24 per hour + benefits, steady predictable hours and pay.<strong><br /></strong></p> <p>Holidays and time off must be approved by Danielle. Marilyn must be notified a week prior scheduled pay date to ensure holiday pay is deposited.</p> <p>The duties as listed above are only a guide. Everyone is expected&nbsp; to work together to get a job done effectively and efficiently.&nbsp; As a small business, the goal is to have fluid group of employees who are able to work with anyone on any given job without issue.</p> <p><strong>A detailed policies and procedures manual is available to all employees.</strong></p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Be prepared to begin work at scheduled time in required uniform.</li> <li>Check all glass and hardware, ensure helper does the same.</li> <li>Designate jobs to helper ie clean/load truck, check hardware/tools/supplies.</li> <li>Plan time and jobs according to schedule ie driving route, time needed on each job.</li> <li>Leave shop within a reasonable time and eliminate stops on the way to the 1<sup>st</sup> job.</li> <li>Plan a walk through of site to ensure any existing issues/damage noted.</li> <li>Prepare job site for glass install ie drop sheets.</li> <li>Carry glass to designated area, shift/move glass to fit.</li> <li>Measure, cut, drill, silicone as necessary.</li> <li>Develop a plan of install, make sure everything fits before cutting/siliconing.</li> <li>Maintain a clean and safe job site.</li> <li>Ensure job is complete and get necessary paperwork signed where applicable.</li> <li>Lead hand is ultimately responsible for the installs and must ensure every job is completed properly and efficiently.</li> <li>Have all completed work orders signed and in designated file, ensure any and all notes are complete and readily available for follow up.</li> <li>Incomplete jobs are to be handed in to be rescheduled by the office.</li> <li>Check work orders and prepare truck for the next jobs, report any issues immediately.</li> <li>Report any issues that may delay or hinder install.</li> <li>Lead hand must have valid drivers licence.</li> </ul> As part of a team, employee may be required to assist other team members with other jobs both on and off site.&nbsp; Breaks are not mandatory as per the ESA, however Frank&rsquo;s Glass allows a maximum of (2) 15 minute paid breaks, and 1 half hour lunch (unpaid).&nbsp;
Requirements: <p><strong>WORKING CONDITIONS &amp; PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS</strong></p> <ul> <li>The hours are Monday-Friday 7am -4pm , some OT may be required</li> <li>This job is mostly off-site, all laws and regulations are to be observed at all times<em>.</em></li> <li>Employee is responsible for personal protective equipment</li> <li>This job requires frequent heavy lifting.</li> <li>This is an all season, all weather job</li> <li>ideal to have previous experience with glass or window installation.</li> <li>Candidates must also be able to work in small spaces, must be physically fit and capable of the physical aspect of the job/lifting, working on their knees etc.</li> </ul> <p><strong>CONFIDENTIALITY AND DISCRETION </strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>The employee must maintain the confidentiality of all company and customer information and must not discuss such matters outside of <u>Frank&rsquo;s Glass &amp; Mirror.</u>&nbsp;Tact and discretion must be used in all dealings with all customers and potential customers to maintain a positive image of <u>Frank&rsquo;s Glass &amp; Mirror.&nbsp; </u></p> Installers are not to discuss any issues related to an install directly with the customer until the issue has been discussed with Kevin or Danielle. Should a new piece be required, or a return trip necessary, please ensure customer is aware that the office will call to arrange, it is not up to the installer to schedule jobs. Every decision costs money, and we prefer to make these decisions here and then follow up in the appropriate manner.