Real Estate Investment Sales and Residential Leasing Agent

Renters Warehouse is the leading residential real estate investment services company in America with over 20,000 investor clients currently under management across 40 markets. We are cultivating a client base of high net worth individuals and investment funds who are repeat buyers and generate recurring commissions<strong class="ignore-global-css">.</strong>

Austin, TX, USA

Renters Warehouse

We believe our clients deserve a partner to help them execute on their real estate investment strategy with ease. Our real estate investment marketplace services and hassle-free property management will help you to take the next steps to financial freedom.

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Full Time

Competitive Compensation Package

Overview: Renters Warehouse is looking for licensed real estate agents who want to specialize in the investor market and generate repeat clients (investors who buy multiple houses over time) and recurring revenue (commissions for leasing properties after acquisition, in perpetuity). This is not the traditional realtor&rsquo;s approach and is an exciting career opportunity for the right applicant.
Responsibilities: <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr"> <p class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Engage and assist investors looking to buy or sell Investment grade properties and/or portfolios.</p> </li> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr"> <p class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Leverage Renters Warehouse MarketPlace tools to identify market specific trends and high yield properties for asset diversification.</p> </li> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr"> <p class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Perform asset analysis and due diligence reporting for investors in need of real time market data.</p> </li> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr"> <p class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Face to face and phone sales of our high quality tenant placement and monthly property management system and services.</p> </li> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr"> <p class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Perform rental property price analysis for new clients using Renters Warehouse resources and software.</p> </li> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr"> <p class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Schedule prospective tenant property visits and showings.</p> </li> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr"> <p class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Customer service related to the property owner and tenants needs prior to and leading up to tenancy; including processing background information, lease documents, collecting deposit and first-month&rsquo;s rent, and property inspection.</p> </li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Must possess a Real Estate License in the state of Texas</li> <li class="ignore-global-css" dir="ltr">Proficient with online business solutions such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software. (Salesforce experience is ideal)</li> </ul>