Land Development Manager - 1572042

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Mount Laurel, NJ


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Full Time

Overview: Responsible for overseeing all activities to prepare a large site for the construction of houses across Central and South New Jersey areas.<br />This includes development efforts of raw land and infrastructure installation (roads, sewers, utilities, etc).
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Aid in creating, reviewing, and maintaining all due diligence property documents and reports.</li> <li>Coordinate information sharing and work distribution with land development, acquisitions, construction and marketing teams.</li> <li>Provide site inspections to identify project status, progress and risk management.</li> <li>Maintain budgets and development schedule oversight and updating.</li> <li>Coordinate and communicate with primary engineer and other primary consultants.</li> <li>Coordinate with agencies for permitting, insurance, assurance and close-out requirements for developments.</li> <li>Monitoring construction progress on-site several times a week including contact with the project engineer. Progress should be noted and deficiencies addressed during the construction process.</li> <li>Oversee construction of the entrances, lots, amenities and associated infrastructure for communities; to include road, drainage, water, sewer and landscaping.</li> <li>Manage project budget, review field purchase orders and provide reporting.</li> <li>Coordinate contractors and inspectors for completion of land development.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>5+ years of related land development experience, including experience with site construction management, budget and schedule oversight, site inspections, etc.</li> <li>Ability to read and interpret a site plan document is essential.</li> <li>Experience with residential projects (single family / multi-family) is highly preferred.</li> <li>Experience working with regulatory agencies and public utilities in New Jersey would be helpful.</li> <li>Experience with land development budgets and initiating a due diligence process would be helpful.</li> </ul>