Architectural Project Manager - 1761077

<strong>RogueSearch has over 23 years of providing consulting, training and recruitment services to respected organizations throughout the nation!&nbsp;</strong>

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Full Time

Overview: <p>The Senior Architectural Project Manager is directly responsible for managing assigned builder accounts, projects, and Teams Participation in strategy and planning for resource allocation and product development are key responsibilities.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Initial point of contact for Central Processing, customer service, production Department, and the client for all new and existing product development.</li> <li>Builder/Trade partner meetings and resolution of field issues and project status</li> <li>Responsible for managing their team to meet deadlines, answer questions, solve problems, and improve the profitability of accounts.</li> <li>Manage project workflow and communication across all applicable departments.</li> <li>Assist with development of Scope of Work &amp; pricing instruction for new &amp; existing projects.</li> <li>Assist with onboarding of new clients and projects to help define workflows and scheduling.</li> <li>Ensure pricing standards for clients and accounts are properly applied to projects.</li> <li>Track projects for completion and report status to accounting for invoicing.</li> <li>Regularly review account performance and communicate with manager on status.</li> <li>Responsible for the technical accuracy of construction documents for clients</li> <li>Assist with the preparation of construction documents and details as needed.</li> <li>Project Tracking- maintain log of work performed</li> <li>Effectively track time and job status to maintain efficient workflow</li> <li>Demonstrate efficient and competent use of project tracking software</li> <li>Team management- review and approve timesheets, mentor and train designers, and annually review Junior PM performance.</li> <li>Provide feedback for the improvement of design tools and workflows to increase efficiency.</li> <li>Participate on committees and work on special projects as assigned</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Minimum Bachelors&rsquo; Degree Required or equivalent combination of education and experience.</li> <li>Minimum 5-7 years of related experience including some management</li> <li>Experience and Leadership skills to focus on transfer of knowledge, development of subject matter, and solving issues surrounding building code compliance and design</li> <li>Advanced knowledge of AutoCAD/Revit/applicable discipline specific software</li> <li>Advanced knowledge of ability to prepare Construction Documents</li> <li>Advanced knowledge of various construction techniques and building code.</li> <li>Intermediate knowledge of best industry packages</li> <li>Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite</li> </ul>