Chief Operating Officer

<br /><br /><br />The COO will partner with the CEO to profitably double the Rooter Hero business. Plumbing&nbsp;is not just our business, it&rsquo;s our passion. From the service technician who are the face of Rooter Hero Plumbing, the customer service representatives that provide industry leading service over the phone to the leadership team who is responsible for developing innovative&nbsp;sales techniques, everyone is vital to the organizations success.

Mission Hills, CA

Rooter Hero

Plumbing is not just our business, it&rsquo;s our passion. At Rooter Hero Plumbing we pride ourselves on creating a memorable experience for every person at every service call. We deliver the experience and professional knowledge to provide world class customer service, starting the moment we answer the phone. At Rooter Hero Plumbing we live by a set of Company Values that has become that culture we live by not only in our professional lives, but also personally. Rooter Hero Plumbing works extremely hard to deliver the highest level of plumbing service because every employee shares the company&rsquo;s values of Faith, Integrity, Respect, Service, and Teamwork.&nbsp;

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Overview: Develop and flawlessly execute a five year business plan/model to double the RH business.
Responsibilities: <p>Develop and flawlessly execute a five-year business plan/model to double the RH business:</p> <ul> <li>Understand California and Arizona market and regulatory dynamics and competitive landscape</li> <li>Develop organic (marketing/sales) and inorganic (acquisition) growth strategies</li> <li>Conduct top down assessment of company personnel, and identify and fill talent gaps related to five-year plan. Refine and roll out RH&rsquo;s accountability chart, ensuring organizational alignment.</li> <li>Optimize existing operations, ensuring minimal interruptions during growth phase: <ul> <li>Assess what is and is not working. Address performance shortfalls in a fair and timely manner.</li> <li>Stabilize losing divisions by holding Operations Director/Managers accountable to key metrics, including cancellation and conversion rate, as well as job average and staff turnover.</li> <li>Stay abreast of consumer feedback at all times to enhance customer experience.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Work effectively with an idea-driven CEO. Provide realistic expectations. Develop goals and a timeline to best translate CEO ideas from theory to reality.</li> <li>Help design, understand and own annual operating budget, paying special attention to key performance metrics, including: $ per job, time on job, labor on job, call conversion rates, response times, etc.</li> <li>Establish a system of accountability across the organization. Make sure everyone is working to capacity and capability.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>Experience</strong></p> <ul> <li>A proven record of profitable growth managing companies/divisions of $20mm or greater in revenues required.</li> <li>Proven experience as a Chief Operating Officer or a similar relevant role required.</li> <li>Proven success adapting to and partnering with a high-intensity, passionate CEO required.</li> <li>Success recruiting and retaining top leadership teams, including the ability to recognize and cultivate rising talent required.</li> <li>A demonstrated execution mindset and a record of success holding people accountable required.</li> <li>Understanding of and ability to create healthy organizational culture required.</li> <li>Strong finance/analytical/technical skills &ndash; define critical data &amp; track results required. Not afraid to personally &ldquo;dig into the data&rdquo; for improved business decision making.</li> <li>Services background required. Home services &ndash; Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Construction, painting, roofing-- background strongly preferred.</li> <li>Experienced in ensuring operational effectiveness for multi-unit organizations required. Franchise experience is a plus.</li> <li>Direct to consumer background, with an emphasis on client facing relationships strongly preferred. Call center experience preferred.</li> <li>Technology savvy with good knowledge of next generation business systems strongly preferred.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Education/Other</strong></p> <ul> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree strongly preferred.</li> </ul> <p><strong>PERSONALITY AND CHARACTER</strong></p> <ul> <li>Strategic. Develops and understands the vision of the organization and the importance of aligning Rooter Hero business processes with overall company goals.</li> <li>Success driven. Fosters an accountable, collaborative environment in an entrepreneurial company.</li> <li>Healthy confidence and humility. Humble and empathetic leader who fosters an environment of collaboration and respect. Focused on &ldquo;what is right,&rdquo; not &ldquo;who is right.&rdquo;</li> <li>Maintains a consumer-focused mindset at all times</li> <li>Results-oriented and Focused. Zero-in on key issues. Eye for detail, accuracy, and completeness.</li> <li>Not afraid of change. Possesses a tolerance for complexity/ambiguity. Flexible but not breakable.</li> <li>Unique ability to build culture of constant open and honest communication. A believer in conducting &ldquo;crucial conversations&rdquo; in a timely and effective manner. Able and willing to have &ldquo;healthy conflict.&rdquo;</li> <li>Follow-through. Keen ability to implement big ideas into actionable steps.</li> <li>Proactive thinker who understands and anticipates impacts of decisions, reacting accordingly. Ability to make tough decisions in the face of uncertainty. Neither too trusting nor too suspicious. Not na&iuml;ve.</li> <li>Able to read people effectively. Appropriately encourage learning and personal growth.</li> <li>Excellent communication skills, both written and oral. Someone who speaks directly and intentionally using simple and clear language.</li> <li>Patient. Able to adapt and partner with CEO.</li> <li>Excited to begin each day. Ready for what each day may bring. Positive attitude.</li> <li>Demonstrate an outstanding work ethic in all that you do. Always a professional.</li> </ul>