OSM (Onsite Monitoring) Network Technician

<strong>SG Solution's&nbsp;mission statement&nbsp;is&nbsp;connecting power, people and passion with solutions around the globe.&nbsp;We specialize in the utility and power industry. Our customer base includes multinational corporations with industrial and utility facilities around the globe. We despise mediocrity and inefficiency and look at ourselves, and every project with a critical eye. We entrench ourselves in our customers' business and relentlessly pursue flawless execution with transparent communication.&nbsp;</strong>

Southfield, MI

SG Energy Solutions

<h2 data-fontsize="42" data-lineheight="60">Leading Provider of Turbine and Compressor Service Solutions</h2> <p>Founded as Sanders Group &ldquo;SG&rdquo; in 2000, SG has evolved to include several affiliated companies that all have one goal in mind: To solve complex problems for clients around the globe.</p> <p>SG Energy Solutions specializes in the utility and power industry. We provide installation resources, fleet management, IT services, project management, and logistics support for a select group of niche clients. Our customer base includes multinational corporations with industrial and utility facilities around the globe.</p> <p>At SG Energy Solutions there are no employees, just dedicated team members that love what we do. We are manic about fostering and maintaining a team-based approach on every project. We despise mediocrity and inefficiency and look at ourselves, and every project with a critical eye. We entrench ourselves in our customers&rsquo; business and relentlessly pursue flawless execution with transparent communication.</p> http://sg-solutionsgroup.com/

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Overview: <p>Our&nbsp;<strong>Core Values:&nbsp;</strong>Solutions. We believe that there is a solution to every problem.&nbsp;<strong>Solve It.&nbsp;</strong>Energy. We integrate people, power and passion to produce winning results.&nbsp;<strong>Harness It.&nbsp;</strong>Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable and take full responsibility for everything that we do.&nbsp;<strong>Own It.</strong></p> <p>SG Solutions Group is seeking an OSM Network Technician. A positive and motivated individual who will be responsible for providing IT support to GE and their customers, ensuring a successful OSM hardware upgrade. A full-time position for someone that is highly motivated, organized, a good decision maker, self-starter that works well unsupervised, outstanding customer service skills, strong computer literacy and communication skills.&nbsp;</p>
Responsibilities: <p>The successful candidate will work closely with GE's Commissioning team and their customers to ensure successful hardware upgrades and Installations.&nbsp;</p> <p>The OSM Network Technician will be required to work at multiple customer sites both Domestic and International. At that time this position will lead the hardware installation process for OSM and will be responsible to ensure connectivity between GE and the customer.</p>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Must have a high-quality level of work and professionalism</li> <li>Must consistently be on time, work well with others and maintain a safe and organized work environment</li> <li>Strong leadership, teamwork and communication skills</li> <li>3-5 years of IT experience</li> <li>Valid driver's license, passport and a clean driving record</li> <li>Proficiency with a laptop and/ or tablet</li> <li>Construction industry experience a plus</li> <li>Knowledgeable in cost control, and scheduling</li> <li>Ability to read purchase orders, and contracts</li> <li>Able to anticipate needs of the operation</li> <li>Ability to deliver results in the presence of ambiguity</li> <li>Flexible and self-directed</li> <li>Able to travel both domestic and internationally</li> </ul> <p><strong>Desired Skills</strong></p> <ul> <li>Serve as a liaison between the Customer, GE Commissioning team and SG while in the field.</li> <li>Relay communication between GE and their customer during OSM Installations.</li> <li>Provide operational support as necessary to ensure timely installation of services to the customer.</li> <li>Ensure Customer and GE can receive data on new system.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Anticipate IT issues and take steps to notify the project team and provide mitigation solutions.</li> <li>Manage IT Infrastructure including upgrades, policies and procedures.</li> <li>Complete Server Detail Reports on each upgrade.</li> <li>Identify qualified IT suppliers and/or subcontractors and solicit quotes as needed.</li> <li>Assist Team Members with IT Concerns.</li> <li>Work with supervisor and accounting department to submit appropriate information and paperwork for project cost tracking and invoicing.</li> <li>Ensure OSM installations are completed within established time frames to meet customer schedules/demand.</li> <li>Foster and develop supplier relationships that stimulate business growth.</li> <li>Manage procurement and delivery of OSM materials as needed based on scheduled and forecasted customer demand.</li> <li>Implement best practices for equipment and network security management, to ensure cost efficiency and stability for all projects.</li> <li>Collaborate with customers to ensure alignment of products and services meet expectations.</li> <li>Actively seek ways to control costs without compromising quality of product or service to the customer.</li> <li>Lead by example to drive development of all SG's personnel.</li> <li>Proficient with Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint)&nbsp;</li> <li>Ability to work alone or as part of a team with minimal supervision.</li> <li>Is a team player a positive, well-organized, proactive force to support profit and growth of the company.</li> <li>Is courteous and cordial to our customers.</li> <li>Ensures that the Company's best interests are represented, including profitability, cost control and safety.</li> </ul>