Director of Special Projects

<p>Simon Group Holdings is searching for a&nbsp;Director of Special Projects&nbsp;to serve as the right hand person to the Chairman / CEO, Sam Simon. The ideal individual will be humble, thrive in an environment where they are required to always be "on", and have experience partnering with a high-intensity, passionate leader.</p> <br /> <div class="grammarly-disable-indicator">&nbsp;</div>

Birmingham, Michigan

Simon Group Holdings

Simon Group Holdings (SGH) was created in 1985 with the founding of Atlas Oil Company by Sam Simon and continues to grow with more than 30 years of successful operational entrepreneurship. SGH has interests in comprehensive energy solutions; fuel supply; oil field services; logistics and transportation; real estate investment; private equity; technology services; and turnkey modular solutions. Our leadership team is intimately familiar with the businesses they run due to their extensive operational industry experience, making them exceptional strategic advisors. Our entrepreneurial approach has resulted in the creation of three new businesses over the last two years (Vixta Solutions, Fuel Now Network, and Vesta Modular Solutions), along with significant investments in three additional companies (Empire, Corporate Eagle, and Tikoo Solutions) within that same timeframe.

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Overview: <ul> <li>Perform&nbsp;projects/ tasks that add value to Family Office objectives, while directing Chairman&rsquo;s time to highest and best use&nbsp;</li> <li>Help to create&nbsp;a high performing Family Office by streamlining communication between Chairman and&nbsp;internal/&nbsp;external stakeholders</li> <li>Chairman is hard-charging, almost always on, and expects a lot from himself and from his people&nbsp;</li> <li>Humble, no ego mindset is required at all times! &nbsp;Must be intrinsically&nbsp;motivated to get the job done.&nbsp;</li> </ul> <div class="grammarly-disable-indicator">&nbsp;</div>
Responsibilities: Issue Processing / Quick thinking: <br /> <ul> <li>Immediately address resolvable issues that are urgent/ important to&nbsp;the family office, but do not require Chairman's time or attention</li> <li>Bring urgent/ important matters&nbsp;to the Chairman that require his immediate attention.&nbsp;Learn and always use appropriate methods and timing for each situation.</li> <li>Present important but not urgent matters to Chairman in&nbsp;a manner which facilitates his&nbsp;timely and best response</li> <li>Tactfully deflect issues&nbsp;that are distractions, unimportant to achieving overall family office objectives</li> </ul> Flexibility:<br /> <ul> <li>Be ready, at&nbsp;a moment&rsquo;s notice, to shift priorities and commitments to accommodate Chairman&rsquo;s needs &nbsp;</li> <li>Responsibilities&nbsp;may quickly grow to include travel, as Chairman&nbsp;builds trust in the Director of Special Projects to represent his interests to stakeholders outside the office</li> <li>This position may feel as though it is 24/365</li> </ul> Analytics:<br /> <ul> <li>Create effective presentations, spreadsheets, memos, etc. to simplify information for Chairman's review</li> </ul> <br />Collaboration:<br /> <ul> <li>As directed&nbsp;or implied by Chairman, partner&nbsp;with other Family Office team members -- including Senior&nbsp;Managing Partner, CIO, General Counsel, Controller, etc. -- operating Company Presidents, and other leaders, to drive&nbsp;SGH towards&nbsp;its financial and strategic goals</li> <li>Attend meetings with key business, political and community leaders with or on behalf of Chairman</li> </ul>
Requirements: Experience<br /> <ul> <li>Proven success partnering with a high-intensity, passionate CEO required</li> <li>Strong finance, analytical, and communication&nbsp;skills&nbsp;required</li> <li>Entrepreneurial background or mindset required</li> <li>Superior ability to influence and communicate with strong internal and external leaders&nbsp;strongly preferred</li> <li>Previous experience&nbsp;working in a family office strongly preferred</li> <li>Consulting, Investment Banking, Private Equity or Venture Capital experience strongly preferred</li> </ul> Education / Other<br /> <ul> <li>Bachelors degree required. Finance or business strongly preferred.</li> <li>MBA strongly preferred. Finance concentration preferred.</li> <li>SGH is a big supporter of our military. Veterans of the armed forces are encouraged to apply.</li> </ul>