System Analyst

<strong>When you join Shareworks you quickly understand the focus on providing our customers with smarter software, remarkable service and relationships built on trust and reliability. We can state this with confidence – it’s part of everyone’s DNA.<BR><BR>And just as important, we have a shared culture that helps us know how we work together to achieve amazing results.</strong>

Croydon, GB


<p><strong><span style="font-size: 10.5pt; font-family: 'Verdana',sans-serif;">If you're looking for something a little different for your career, you've come to the right place. What started as a sketch on a napkin is now our world-class software platform that combines cutting-edge technology with outstanding client service and premier wealth management capabilities. Shareworks by Morgan Stanley is designed to simplify the complexities of equity plan management, while helping employees realize the full potential of their benefits. We reward our people with a fun and dynamic workplace culture and the opportunity to be part of our continued international growth and success.</span></strong></p>

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Full Time

Overview: <p>At this time the Production Application Support Team (aka the LIVE team) is undergoing a transformation into a service-driven arm of the organization.<br /><br />Solium is a fast growing Company where every member of our team is integral to our success. If you have an unfailing commitment to excellence, alignment to customer interests, and strong problem-solving skills, Solium would welcome your contribution to our enthusiastic team. We reward our people with a competitive compensation and benefits package.</p>
Responsibilities: <strong>Keeping the data on time:</strong> SQL and Scripting are our main tools to make sure the data is correct and the equity is managed the way our customers need. We use Oracle and in addition to SQL skills the ability to administer Oracle is preferred.<br /><br /><strong>Keeping the system and all its components operational:</strong> Shareworks makes Equity Management easy for our clients. That means it's on us to keep it running and bring the creations of our developers to life. It's a complex system and working on it is both interesting and exciting. Software systems knowledge combined with strong debugging skills are required.<br /><br /><strong>Monitoring and measurement:</strong> Knowing how the system is doing over time and how things are trending. We simply have to know what is going on in the system. We use a series of metrics to drive a dedicated process of ongoing improvement. We are not complacent and are always looking for ways to make our system better. Step one is measuring everything. Step two is understanding the story our data is telling us.<br /><br /><strong>Automation and Tooling:</strong> We're not keen on repetitive tasks and seek to apply automation where it makes sense.
Requirements: <ul> <li>Linux administration (ubuntu, centos and RHEL). Command line use is a must.</li> <li>Database administration (Oracle specifically)</li> <li>Programming and debugging (Java is a plus as we are a Java EE shop, JavaScript)</li> <li>Source control methodologies (We use GIT)</li> <li>Scripting (bash, ruby, python)</li> <li>Configuration management tools (Ansible)</li> <li>Monitoring and alerting frameworks (Sensu, PRTG, Opsgenie, NewRelic)</li> <li>Webserver configuration (Apache)</li> <li>Technical debugging capability</li> <li>System architecture/design</li> </ul> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Soft Skills:</strong></span><br /><strong><br />Communication:</strong> <br /> <ul> <li>you'll be working with every arm of the business you must be fluent in technical and business and be able to switch between the two</li> </ul> <strong>Discipline:</strong> <br /> <ul> <li>you follow a prudent course of action regardless of the situation (during an outage or just writing a script)</li> </ul> <strong>Trustworthiness:</strong> <br /> <ul> <li>each member of the team is responsible for how they execute their work and how they work with others</li> </ul> <strong>Commitment to Excellence:</strong> <br /> <ul> <li>we all aim to achieve excellence in our skills and knowledge and actively combat complacency through the pursuit of continuous improvement</li> </ul> <strong>Teamwork:</strong> <br /> <ul> <li>the team is above any individual, we all rely on each other and our ability to solve problems</li> </ul> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Qualifications:</strong></span><br /> <ul> <li>BS degree preferred in Computer Science, Engineering or related fields (or the equivalent tenacity and wherewithal to have obtained a degree or technical diploma)</li> <li>Ability to interface with diverse technical and non-technical groups spanning the all organizations levels</li> <li>Experience running/maintaining large scale complex technology stacks</li> <li>Solid experience with time series data collection and analysis</li> <li>Outstanding verbal and written communication skills</li> <li>Understanding of WebOps principles and familiarity with WebOps tools</li> </ul>