Sales Executive

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Houston, TX

Spira Data Corp

<p>Spira was founded in 2004 to address a complex challenge in the digital collection and management of operational billing and payroll data generated from remote locations.</p> <p>The issue our clients faced was the need to manage the growing volume of manual data associated with labor, equipment, and materials being generated in disconnected, or &lsquo;off-line&rsquo; environments. Spira developed its flagship software platform Spira Operational Intelligence and Spira Field Intelligence to address this unique requirement.<br /><br />Born out of a need in the Oil and Gas services sector in Canada, Spira technology has found markets across North America in Well Servicing, Drilling, Production Testing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Construction, Fluid Hauling, Safety, Excavating, Daylighting, and Concrete. Anywhere there is a need to capture and transmit field data from a mobile device to the back office, Spira adds operational value across the private and public sector.</p>

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Overview: This role will work to create solutions which are tailored to Spira&rsquo;s client&rsquo;s business needs and integrate Spira&rsquo;s Operations Resource Platform (ORP<sup>TM</sup>) solution in a way that is valued by the customer and is superior to the competition. In this role, it is essential that the incumbent can apply solution selling to management and C-level executives, specifically.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Achieve and/or exceed revenue quotas on a consistent basis.</li> <li>Meet and/or exceed quota targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI&rsquo;s) &ndash; for example on number of calls and meetings, and other sales-based activities.</li> <li>Maintain relationships with executives and influencers in IT and Line of Business organizations in existing and prospective accounts.</li> <li>Understand the client&rsquo;s business, including their organization, procurement methodologies, financials, competitiveness in the market, and key business issues.</li> <li>Develop and execute sales/business plans to achieve sales/business objectives and provide accurate and timely reports/forecasts.</li> <li>Responsible for geographical and/or vertical territory management.</li> <li>Identify and qualify prospective customers and penetrate targeted prospects in their assigned territory.</li> <li>Develop a team selling approach and act as a liaison between customers, prospective customers, and consultants.</li> <li>Move sales opportunities to closure.</li> <li>Research and develop new market verticals for Spira technology &ndash; identifying and developing initial approach to a prospective anchor client.</li> <li>Works regularly with existing technology and consulting partners in their respective territories to leverage a team selling and marketing approach.</li> <li>Contributes to the development of sales strategy through input of ideas and suggestions to senior management team.</li> <li>Acts as a coach and mentor to less experienced members of the team and to consultants.</li> <li>Gains deep knowledge of competitors.</li> <li>Works with Product Development for functional improvement to technology platform as a result of ongoing industry requirements.</li> <li>Boilerplate proposal management.</li> <li>Ongoing skills refinement, business acumen, consultative selling.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Proven business acumen, with the ability to position solution alignment &ndash; Return On Investment (ROI).</li> <li>Experience with large-scale data integration master data management, business process management, data quality, or analytics solution sales.</li> <li>Executive and Management-level sales experience.</li> <li>Ability to build consistent, new revenue pipeline.</li> <li>Commitment to stay current with industry/sector trends.</li> <li>Proven experience to articulate, define, and execute creative strategies to grow Spira&rsquo;s business and reach new markets.</li> </ul>