Senior Software Engineer

We need a Senior Software Engineer to join the team. This is your opportunity to stand out, to be part of the conversation and to offer creative ways to service our product.

Mississauga, Ontario


<div id="text-4" class="widget widget_text"> <div class="textwidget"> <p>TELoIP is the creator of powerful, software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WANs) for the most challenging locations requiring high availability and business-critical application traffic. TELoIP has been delivering software-defined solutions since 2002.</p> </div> </div>

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Overview: <p><a href="">TELoIP</a> is on a mission to simplify cloud access with Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions. One of the most significant shifts in the industry is occurring right now. It&rsquo;s anticipated that worldwide SD-WAN revenues will exceed $6 billion in 2020. We go up against the big names and come out on the winning side. For over 15 years we&rsquo;ve been a competitive choice providing leading-edge products and outstanding client service to an impressive list of clients. From LEGO to the LCBO; from Five Guys to Abercrombie &amp; Fitch. Our VINO SD-WAN-as-a-service is a solution proven to increase speed, reliability and performance of existing hardware, connectivity and cloud services.</p> <p>Our teams make us great by creating, supporting and selling our products. Products that are disrupting the SDN market. By joining us now, you could be a part of the disruption, the creativity and the momentum. In a world where technology changes every minute; new and never-been-done-before continues to be a rarity. This is your chance to capture that opportunity.</p> <p><em><strong>We need a Senior Software Engineer to join the team.</strong></em> Someone to help us build and scale our product offerings, collaborate with the team and contribute to the roadmap. Whether you are 1 of 100 at a big network company or 1 of 3 at a small startup, this is your opportunity to stand out, to be part of the conversation and to offer creative ways to service our product.</p>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>What&rsquo;s in it for you?</strong></p> <ul> <li><em>The chance to make an impact.</em> We are researching and expanding our technology to achieve new innovative solutions. You want to be associated with a product or a market that delivers high standards on quality and make a tangible contribution as we further promote our reputation as an enterprise grade provider of the network services.</li> <li><em>Access to knowledge.</em> At TELoIP we are putting a new emphasis on information sharing and transparency. The customer value is our priority. From documentation to training, it&rsquo;s all coming together to create a new culture of synchronicity.</li> <li><em>Freedom to make decisions.</em> You want to leverage tools from an open source library with the freedom to research and try new things. At TELoIP, you will be encouraged to think of the best way to do something and have the autonomy to run with it. You will leverage open source tech to build a new, unique product, adding features, addressing change requests and incorporating user feedback into the product roadmap.</li> <li><em>Immediate career growth.</em> This is a chance to grow your career and gain exposure as you join us during this period of transformation. A chance to give direction, create the vision and provide input on architecting a new platform.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>So, how do we know that&rsquo;s you? You can:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Focus on end-to end solution development. You have 10+ years proven expertise building large-scale software solutions and flexibility to spend your days working on architecture, development management, coding and infrastructure support. You can: <ul> <li>Collaborate closely with Engineering, PM and Business counterparts to define and deliver strategy, architecture and roadmap.</li> <li>Drive architecture standards that enable next-generation technology capabilities.</li> <li>Collaborate with other technology leaders and cross functional teams to integrate across tiers, platforms, and capabilities.</li> <li>Identify and implement best practices and process improvements to improve time to market, software quality, automation, innovation and features and enhancements driven through technology.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Navigate the world of open source tools and frameworks - and beyond. You have strong knowledge of an impressive range of open source tools, a cloud infrastructure such as AWS or Azure, database design, relational and non-relational databases, .NET framework, C, C#, C++, JavaScript and frameworks (jQuery, Node.js, Angular.js, Express, Bootstrap, Backbone.js), Web Services and XML. You can: <ul> <li>Drive the right technology choices (e.g. languages, libraries, frameworks) for both immediate and long-term growth through rapid prototype and research.</li> <li>Adapt to and follow high-velocity software development practices (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, etc.).</li> </ul> </li> <li>Contribute to the growth of the team. You have a Bachelor&rsquo;s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or a related field and you are an active member of industry standard body to drive open-API initiatives . You have all of the skills of a leader. You are collaborative, innovative and motivating. You can: <ul> <li>Oversee development of key software components to ensure quality and schedule.</li> <li>Implement best practices for testing, deploying, and developing code.</li> <li>Encourage the right developer behaviours to ensure both quality and efficiency.</li> <li>Participate in key decision making for all aspects of strategy and planning for the engineering department.</li> </ul> </li> </ul> <p><strong>More about us</strong></p> <p>At TELoIP, we are growing, innovating and putting it all out there. That includes the not-so-good as well as the awesome. A couple of things you should know about us, that we are actively working on:</p> <p><em>We are refocused.</em> We are aggressively pursuing a position at the top of the industry. With the right people joining, new leadership at the helm and products that solve networking and cloud computing problems for big businesses, the future is positive.</p> <p><em>We have a solid reputation.</em> We have an impressive and growing client list. We know that in order to continue to grow and succeed we need to bring on board intelligent, team players.</p> <p><em>We are rebuilding our culture.</em> We want your input on what we need to do to become an employer-of-choice. Things that will help get us there? A candidate-first recruitment and onboarding experience; open-door managers; excellent benefits and career building opportunities.</p> <p><em>We&rsquo;re like a startup, but better</em>. We have wiped down the white boards and rearranged the desks. We are set up to do whatever it takes, to make decisions that allow us to move quickly, be agile, listen to our customers - and our teams.</p> <p><strong>Like what you&rsquo;ve learned about us and the role?</strong> Express your interest here or follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> or <a href="">LinkedIn</a> to learn more about us.</p> <p>TELoIP welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process</p>