Sourcing Specialist

We're looking for a <strong>Sourcing Specialist</strong> to play a critical role on our Talent Acquisition team. The work you do will directly impact our success and that of our clients. It's a little bit of matchmaking, a lot of creative and strategic thinking, and a healthy dose of research and data.

Toronto, ON (Remote)


<h3>At TalentMinded, our mission is to create a competitive advantage for our clients by helping them build their culture and hire the right people. We aren&rsquo;t a recruiting agency! We are so much more. We are experts in our field, backed by over 20 years of experience with modern, intelligent and creative talent acquisition strategies. We are the first subscription-based full-service talent acquisition company in Canada. We provide our clients end-to-end recruitment services from strategy to execution. That means we partner with our clients and work side-by-side with them to increase their employee value proposition and to ground their image in social media channels as transparent and forthcoming. These efforts lay the foundation for building a successful talent pipeline, driving better hiring manager engagement and better hiring outcomes.</h3>

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Mid Level

Overview: <p><strong>Who we are</strong></p> <p>At TalentMinded, our purpose is to enable organizations to hire incredible people who align with their purpose. Whether that's saving lives, providing trusted news, building technology to accelerate access to Covid-19 vaccines, alleviate the corporate impact on the climate, grow a startup, or manage big data - we find, engage, and guide the best candidates through a positive recruitment experience for our clients.</p> <p>As the first subscription-based, full-service, end-to-end talent acquisition solutions company in Canada, we are actively transforming the recruitment industry. We provide companies with the people, processes, tools, technology, and employer branding strategies they need to hire the right talent.</p> <p>Candidate experience, alignment of values, a shared purpose, continuous learning opportunities, and recognition are the foundation of great teams. That's what we tell our clients - and that's the approach we take internally.</p> <p>At TalentMinded, we are on a mission to build the next generation of talent acquisition solutions and leaders - like you!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Who we need</strong></p> <p>We're looking for a Sourcing Specialist to play a critical role on our Talent Acquisition team. The work you do will directly impact our success and that of our clients. It's a little bit of matchmaking, a lot of creative and strategic thinking, and a healthy dose of research and data.</p> <p>Reporting to the Lead Sourcing Strategist, you will take ownership of your assigned roles, diving deep to uncover the fascinating details of the role and the company to target and engage the best-fit candidates.</p> <p>This is a fully remote position.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Who you are</strong></p> <p>Whether it's a puzzle, lego, or mystery, you like bringing the pieces together to form a whole. You are looking for an opportunity to channel your strengths, expand your skills, and bridge both heads-down and (virtual) people-facing skills. You have a background in business administration and a couple of years of experience in any professional environment. You are a curious problem-solver who is highly analytical, detail-oriented, and driven. You enjoy exploring data, making connections, doing the research, and seeing the impact of your work.</p>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>What's in it for you?</strong></p> <p><strong><em>Impact and autonomy.</em></strong>&nbsp;You want to be part of the future of talent acquisition, establishing TalentMinded as a global market leader, one client at a time. You want to make an impact, one role at a time and make connections between dream job and dream candidate. This is a chance to see the results of your efforts, measure the effect you have on our growth, the speed at which we work, and our position as<br />thought-leaders in talent acquisition.</p> <p><strong><em>Exposure and variety.&nbsp;</em></strong>You will work on roles for local tech startups, global enterprise organizations, and scaling midsized companies. You will gain exposure across every industry, sourcing for technical, professional services, operations, administrative, and executive-level talent.<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong><em>Professional development.</em></strong>&nbsp;This is an opportunity to build a talent acquisition career outside of your typical recruitment role. Previous Sourcing Specialists have moved up to Lead positions or into Operations and Project Management. You will have access to courses, coaching, and collaborative peer support.</p> <p><strong><em>An AWESOME team.&nbsp;</em></strong>We have an incredible team working hard to act as collaborators, champions, and friends to one another. This is an environment where your ideas will be heard, often implemented, and, most importantly, celebrated. We help take the stress off others, offer flexibility when needed, and maintain a positive work culture through hard work and many team bonding activities.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>What you will do:</strong></p> <p>●&nbsp;&nbsp;<em>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Be the answer to our sourcing search.</strong>&nbsp;</em>You will live for finding a needle in the haystack. You are genuinely excited about being able to find information in unusual places. Everyone uses LinkedIn and Indeed to recruit. You can't wait to find all of those other places, the elusive candidate's hiding spots.</p> <p>●&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<em>&nbsp;<strong>Be empowered.</strong>&nbsp;</em>We have invested in the tools and technology to help facilitate this work. But we need you to push it to its very limits and capitalize on its functionality. You will apply every bit of research, sourcing, Boolean string, SEO, and Google knowledge to generate lists of potential candidates for multiple positions every day. There's a talent shortage, and we are the bridge between employer and employee; you will actively seek out where candidates are collaborating and communicating.</p> <p>●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<strong><em>Be TalentMinded.</em>&nbsp;</strong>You will enjoy the benefits of working with a highly networked, incredibly talented group of people. Help us build our brand, and we will help you build yours.</p>
Requirements: <div class="page-body job-details"> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div id="job-description" class="col col-xs-7 job-description summary"> <div class="description"> <p><strong>What you bring:</strong></p> <p>●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<strong><em>The resourcefulness.&nbsp;</em></strong>You can conduct and summarize research and dig deep to find the hard to find. You have strong organizational skills to handle multiple concurrent activities and work successfully under pressure. You can plan, execute, and measure tasks, prioritizing based on their criticality to a project and the business. You understand that success is in the details. You notice things that others don't. Your critical thinking skills help to inform your decision-making, and you hold yourself highly accountable.</p> <p>●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<strong><em>The drive.</em></strong>&nbsp;Your aim is for zero. Zero unopened emails. Zero Slack messages waiting for a response. Zero unanswered questions - yours, ours, or potential candidates'. It's a lofty goal, but one, your meticulous nature and your passion for starting each day with a list of new roles to research motivates you to aim for.</p> <p>●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<strong><em>The technical skills.&nbsp;</em></strong>We track and report on all our data, sources, and research in spreadsheets and you need to do the same. You are data-driven and know how to apply your findings. You are a boolean search string expert. You are deeply familiar with LinkedIn.</p> <p>●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<strong><em>The interpersonal skills.&nbsp;</em></strong>You can work with anyone at any level of an organization. You thrive as part of a remote team and have exceptional communication chain management.</p> <p>●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<strong><em>The growth mindset.</em></strong>&nbsp;You love to learn. You are passionate about growing your knowledge, and you are excited to see what you can achieve with us. You are technically-minded and can quickly come up to speed on different systems. We are continuously testing new technologies, and you have&nbsp;the curiosity and initiative to try out the features and functionality, determining how to best apply the tools to save time.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Why you should join TalentMinded: Purpose, empathy, technology, and humanity.</strong></p> <p>In less than seven years, we have created a new category in recruitment services, and we are recognized by clients for the impact we make on their talent acquisition efforts. We save our clients hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and countless headaches. We support scaling startups and growing<br />mid-sized companies, building unique, individual relationships, and genuinely getting to know how we can help each Hiring Manager we work with.</p> <p>Our promise to candidates is a positive experience. We want to connect talent with the roles they dream of. By building out an authentic understanding of who our clients need and what's exciting about the opportunity, our Chief Storyteller carefully crafts our candidate-facing content from jobs to email responses, from blogs to hiring manager spotlights. Real people read each resume submitted for every role we are working on. In addition, we maintain open and transparent communications with candidates to ensure they know exactly where they are in the process.</p> <p>We love technology, but we also value the importance of face-to-face connections. And while that's not possible right now, we can't wait to come together as a team with our clients, our network, and job seekers. We have effectively transitioned into a fully remote team, and we use multiple platforms to engage clients and candidates. We've built a coaching channel for job seekers online and successfully pivoted our Women in Tech Sales (WITS) Bootcamp and Next Generation Talent Acquisition Meetups to an online format. We are also quite adept at virtual escape rooms, bingo, and birthday celebrations on Zoom.</p> <p><strong>More about why people join TalentMinded:</strong>&nbsp;<br /><strong><em>We 10X your experience.&nbsp;</em></strong>You will work with multiple companies in some of the most impactful industry sectors, primarily in North America but globally as well. The exposure and the type of project work you will do here would take years to achieve in a corporate environment.</p> <p><em><strong>Learning and development.&nbsp;</strong></em>You will learn more about how to use data to drive the recruitment process and innovative and modern recruitment strategies. In addition, you will learn new technologies - we use a comprehensive recruitment technology stack and are always looking for new tools to improve or automate our processes.</p> <p><strong><em>The people.&nbsp;</em></strong>We are a diverse and inclusive, and collaborative group. We support each other and genuinely care about each other.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>