Project Manager - Talent Acquisition

Recruitment has changed.&nbsp;Are you at the forefront?<br /><br />We're hiring&nbsp;a Project Manager, Talent Acquisition to join the TalentMinded team. &nbsp;Located in Leslieville in Toronto, we're leading a new category of recruiting solutions with customers all around the world. The Project Manager role is just one of the critical factors of success for our business and for our clients and we're looking to expand the team.<br /><br />Read on to learn more about taking your Talent Acquisition career to new a whole new level.

Toronto, ON


<p>TalentMinded helps small to medium sized companies grow their business through high-impact talent acquisition programs. We consider ourselves the&nbsp;recruitment competitive advantage for our clients. Combine your culture and brand with our super-powered approach to compete effectively for top talent.</p>

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Overview: <p>At TalentMinded, our corporate mission is to create a competitive advantage for our clients by helping them recruit the right talent to build their culture and grow the business.&nbsp; We&rsquo;re not a staffing firm and we don&rsquo;t charge contingency fees.&nbsp; We are creating a new category in talent acquisition with our managed recruiting solutions platform &ndash; one that is more strategic and innovative than traditional services or recruitment outsourced solutions &ndash; and there&rsquo;s more opportunity ahead!</p> <p>As an employer, our mission at TalentMinded is to develop the next generation of talent acquisition leaders. We believe there is a critical gap in recruiting and that there is a short runway in many agencies and in-house recruiting roles. We want to change that.</p> <p>TalentMinded is hiring for a Project Manager to join its client strategy and delivery team.&nbsp; This isn&rsquo;t your typical recruitment lead or Project Manager role. The PM role is a critical part of what makes our success and in turn ensures our clients hire and retain only the best talent.&nbsp; This role is unique (and challenging) on many levels.&nbsp; Think of this role as the Head of Talent Acquisition responsible for managing a team of resources including recruiters, branding and social media specialists, sourcers, administrators and hiring managers for not just one, but multiple companies across the globe.</p> <p>In this role, you will set the talent acquisition strategy for each client, measure and monitor candidate experience, analyze data and pivot sourcing solutions, innovate with new tools and technology and track and measure against global benchmarks.&nbsp; This role is critical to managing hiring manager expectations and driving value to our customer base.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>&ldquo;We believe awesome recruiting helps create profitable, scalable companies</strong></p> <p><strong>with award winning company cultures&rdquo;.</strong></p> <p>- Emma Scott, Chief Strategy Officer / Co-Founder, TalentMinded</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>We are partners and trusted advisors with our clients; in many cases, you may be dealing directly with the CEO and leadership team.&nbsp; Many companies in our industry claim this, but we truly are valued partners. &nbsp;We get involved in our client&rsquo;s corporate events, branding, social media and much more. We always feel like we are part of the team and a big part of what makes them special. Where possible we are on site and client facing, involved in workforce planning and as part of the creative process. Recruitment is changing at lightning speed and we&rsquo;re determined to keep our clients (and TalentMinded) on the leading edge of current trends.</p> <p><strong>More about the role and the day to day</strong></p> <p>As a TM Project Manager, you have an aptitude for learning quickly, and will be extremely organized always. Process! As the main contact for clients, you will need to stay on top of current recruitment trends, build relationships with technology vendors and make recommendations to clients when appropriate on tactics and opportunities to invest in new tools and strategies. You will work closely with the team including our Talent Advisors who manage the day-to-day recruitment work.&nbsp; Critical thinking is mandatory in this role.&nbsp; We need someone who can look ahead and proactively think about potential risks and generate solutions before they become issues.&nbsp;</p>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>Some key responsibilities</strong></p> <ul> <li>Project manage up to 5 client companies on an ongoing basis including new and existing accounts.</li> <li>Develop the strategy and work with the resourcing team to execute on the strategy to source, attract, assess and make hires for each client.</li> <li>Manage client expectations and outcomes as per the statement of work.</li> <li>Manage all client reporting on a weekly basis, including analyzing quality of outputs and the draft report sent by the Project Analyst, to showcase and provide insights into the candidate funnel. Analyze reports for source of hire, time to hire and other recruitment metrics that are of interest to the client.</li> <li>QA work prior to being sent to the client including job postings, benchmark lists, reports and all other correspondence.</li> <li>Conduct regular (weekly) QA checks on the ATS used, candidates in the funnel and moving through the workflow, include those that are stuck.</li> <li>Facilitate and manage ongoing communication with the client and team. Schedule and attend weekly hiring manage update calls, monthly strategy meetings with key stakeholders, onsite visits, career fairs and other client touch points as required.</li> <li>Work with the Chief Storyteller to write ads that capture the culture of the client and interest of the reader / target audience.</li> <li>Research and develop an understanding of the market verticals and businesses our clients operate including their products, culture, leadership and key influences</li> <li>Work with client to build and execute on social sourcing strategies &ndash; Glassdoor, LinkedIn corporate pages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.</li> <li>Manage all client implementations per the end to end client management process, including administration as required or when resourcing team is maxed, from launch to conversion.</li> <li>Set client expectations on the process, key deliverables and timelines. Build out and document recruitment process visually using LucidChart.</li> <li>Act as the first point of contact for all escalations and celebrations.</li> <li>Understand client issues / needs as they arise and provide alternate strategies and solutions proactively. Execute on these solutions within 48 hours.&nbsp; We move very fast!</li> <li>Where needed to ensure the process is moving forward, aid with sourcing, posting roles, editing job ads, dispositioning or responding to candidates as required. We wear all the hats!</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>We will know you are the new Project Manager because you have:</strong></p> <ul> <li>You have a passion for recruitment.&nbsp; And you have the perfect mix of process, detail and hustle.</li> <li>You understand next generation talent acquisition methods including social media and digital strategies.</li> <li>A University or College degree.&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Likeability. You can quickly build and foster trust and long lasting client relationships.</li> <li>An interest in technology and an understanding of technology start-ups.</li> <li>A solid understanding of business acumen and hands-on experience working in a fast-moving team, with multiple parts, people, deliverables and layers of complexity.</li> <li>Flexibility and the ability to prioritize tasks - be proactive with minimal direction and stay focused in an ever-changing environment.</li> <li>A sense of awesomeness and fun.&nbsp; We like scavenger hunts, escape rooms, wine tasting, karaoke, board games and much more!</li> <li>An expert-level understanding of Gmail (A lot of our work is done on Google Drive), MS Word and MS Excel. We track all our data, sources and research in Excel and you need to do the same and be able to run reports.</li> <li>A sense of balance and of ownership. You can work fast but you can easily change priorities. You are meticulous but you understand the importance of volume and producing results.</li> <li>You don&rsquo;t need to be told what to do, you see gaps and you fill them. If there is work to be done, you are already on it.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Here&rsquo;s what you should know about TalentMinded:</strong></p> <ul> <li>We&rsquo;ve had a tremendous start to our business. We have outpaced our growth goals and surpassed our targets. People are excited about what we are doing. We are excited about what we are accomplishing and can&rsquo;t wait for what&rsquo;s next.</li> <li>We believe that recruitment is a critical business process; not just a function of HR.</li> <li>We love technology but we also value the importance of connections and face-to-face meetings.</li> <li>We have processes but we aren&rsquo;t strangled in layers of approval.&nbsp;</li> <li>We care about candidate experience - a lot.</li> <li>We believe in brand and the employment value proposition and that it can be discovered and developed and evolved.</li> <li>We offer a learning environment for our teams. That may be coding camp, PMP certificate, special projects, creating training and development workshops - we are committed to helping our people grow and consistently stretch their ability.</li> <li>And, we believe in being awesome! Life is too short not to do awesome things with awesome people and clients.</li> </ul> <p>The potential career path for this role is growing into a leadership role where you are managing a team of Project Managers or PMO, a senior operations role or training and development &ndash; the opportunities could be endless!</p> <p>We have so much more to tell you about TalentMinded and our future. If our values and our path sound like something you&rsquo;d like to explore, we&rsquo;d love to learn more about your career goals and if there is a fit with what we do and how we do it.</p>