Daycare Cook / Nutritionist

<strong>Do you want to create a better world? Or make a difference in the lives of children every day? Then we want to meet you! We are always looking for experienced and talented early childhood educators, teachers and caregivers to join our team.</strong>

Concord, NC

The Sunshine House

<strong>The Sunshine House Early Learning Academy is one of the largest childcare and early education companies in North America. We currently employ more than 2,000 of the best professional educators and caregivers in the country, and we hope YOU will join our team!<br /><br /></strong>

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Part Time

Overview: <p>The&nbsp;Sunshine House Early Learning Academy in Concord is seeking a Nutritionist / Cook to prepare meals for our 5-Star school!</p> <p>Must have a clean background check and experience working in a licensed childcare center and/or in a USDA's CACFP center or school.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Prepare meals according to CACFP guidelines and provided menus.</li> <li>Clean, sanitize kitchen appliances, utensils, and other equipment needed for food preparation.</li> <li>See, hear, and respond to children's needs, emergencies, and conflicts that might occur.</li> <li>Communicate with children on their level (ability to stoop and bend).</li> <li>Complete all CACFP required paperwork.</li> <li>Attend staff meetings, in-house training, and other center functions, etc., as requested by the director.</li> <li>Adhere to The Sunshine House health and safety policies and state licensing procedures.</li> <li>Perform other duties as required.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Must have a minimum of a high school diploma/GED.</li> <li>Edu 119 is a plus.</li> <li>Ability to lift 30 pounds and to stand for long periods (95% of the day).</li> <li>Previous experience cooking in a commercial kitchen.</li> <li>Must maintain state in-service requirements.</li> <li>Nutrition training is a plus.</li> <li>State background check a must.</li> </ul>