Litigation Manager

UHY LLP, operating in an alternative practice structure with UHY Advisors, forms one of the largest professional services firms in the U.S.  Our entrepreneurial spirit fosters an environment in which our employees are engaged and empowered, which we believe results in better client service. Our major offices have received “Best Places to Work” designations. We foster an environment for our professionals to help clients succeed, and in doing so, they can excel in their own careers.

Sterling Heights, MI

UHY LLP Michigan

UHY Advisors is one of the top 20 professional services firms in the US, and UHY International is one of the largest accounting networks in the world. While that scale may provide confidence for some of our clients, most tell us our greatest value is in the way we bring these resources to bear to help address today’s evolving business challenges.

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Overview: The Manager possesses the ability to assume full responsibility for directing engagements and special assignments and has the enhanced capability of supervising a number of engagements simultaneously.  The Manager oversees the performance of client service and all related activity.  The Manager can perform all tasks related to client service and sees that assignments are accomplished by the engagement team within the budgeted time.  This role takes on responsibility for the professional and technical development of the staff through on-the-job-interaction and leading in-house training.  Additionally, the Manager has begun to develop a list of potential referral sources in an effort to bring new business to the firm and is involved in community activities for the purposes of business development and cross-selling the firm’s services.  The manager should be developing expertise in one or more specific industry areas.
Responsibilities: <h3 class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoField_Job"><strong>Tasks</strong></h3> <div class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoMsg_Job"> <div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Container"> <div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Text"> <ul> <li>Serves &nbsp;as a subject matter expert in discipline or industry</li> <li>Demonstrates excellence in most advanced technical skills</li> <li>Complies with pronouncements of professional and other regulatory groups, and enlightens and teaches the impact of such pronouncements to all staff</li> <li>Continues to develop industry expertise and stays abreast of industry news; contributes to staff development by sharing industry knowledge</li> <li>Recognizes complex technical issues, reaches appropriate conclusions and applies authority to support conclusions</li> <li>Participates in client related planning</li> <li>Effectively communicates all technical material to clients, verbally and in writing</li> <li>Proficient in use of necessary discipline software and applications</li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> <h3 class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoField_Job"><strong>Skills</strong></h3> <div class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoMsg_Job"> <div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Container"> <div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Text"> <ul> <li>Demonstrates excellence in relationship-building, communication, marketing, sales, &nbsp;and negotiation skills; has proven track record for success</li> <li>Demonstrates excellence in client service and business acumen</li> <li>Ensures top-quality client service and oversee&nbsp;total engagement activity</li> <li>Recognizes needs and issues pertinent to client activity and follows through to implementation.</li> <li>Maintains designated chargeable hours for the year (determined by Geography &amp; Discipline leaders)</li> <li>Maintains effective realization rates of fees (determined by Geography &amp; Discipline leaders)&nbsp;</li> <li>Assists partners/managing directors in managing effective billing and&nbsp; collections</li> <li>Appropriately manages risk and ensures quality control procedures are being executed on all engagement activities</li> <li>Ensures efficient and profitable execution of engagement financial management&nbsp;</li> <li>Assists partners/managing directors in planning business strategies in discipline or industry</li> <li>Builds client relationships; maintains smooth working relationship with clients and solicits client input on satisfaction</li> </ul> </div> </div> </div>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Minimum Bachelor&rsquo;s degree</li> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s in Accounting, Finance or Economics</li> <li>10+ years in relevant position</li> <li>Demonstrated successful testimony experience in following areas: Federal/State courts, depositions, mediation, and arbitration settings.</li> <li>Must have relevant designations in one or more of the following: CPA, ABV, CFA, ASA, CVA&nbsp; and be a member in good standing</li> <li>Must maintain required CPE credits annually</li> <li>May possibly have other industry or specialization certification</li> <li>Must comply with USPAP and/or SVS1 appraisal requirements where applicable</li> <li>Government engagements require applying for and receiving a security clearance from the United States government</li> </ul>