The Associate Load Supervisor

<strong>United Road is the most diversified finished vehicle logistics provider in North America. Headquartered in Romulus, MI, we employ approximately 1800 professionals, operating out of nearly 75 locations strategically positioned in every region of the United States, creating a superior and efficient national service network.</strong>

Elwood, IL

United Road – Corporate

<strong>Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide timely, professional and dependable automobile transport delivery and logistics services. Leveraging our collective strengths, local operational control capitalizes on immediate and regional market knowledge, name recognition, and personal and customer relationships enjoyed by each division. At the same time, United Road&rsquo;s leadership experience, industry leading technology, national purchasing power, and investments in equipment, ensure that we excel in customer service, create an attractive supportive environment for our employees and provide for the stability and growth of the company as a whole.</strong>

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Overview: The Associate Load Supervisor will help to supervise professional car haulers during the loading and unloading of trailers at company or customer sites and enforce proper protocols to ensure the safe, damage-free handling and securement of our customer&rsquo;s vehicles. This position requires a self-motivated professional with the ability to monitor many car haulers and many pieces of equipment simultaneously, paying close attention to adherence to proper loading and unloading techniques.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li class="Default">Serve as a point of contact for professional car haulers to help resolve all issues during loading and unloading</li> <li class="Default">Monitor professional car haulers on the safe, damage-free handling and securement of customer&rsquo;s vehicles</li> <li class="Default">Monitor and train professional car haulers on the proper and thorough process of conducting pre-trip inspections</li> <li class="Default">Direct professional car haulers to fix all errors noted in the loading and unloading process before driving</li> <li class="Default">Complete standard audits of the loads built by professional car haulers and report audit to Quality management or Terminal management staff</li> <li class="Default">Help to mentor new and inexperienced car haulers on proper inspection of our customer&rsquo;s vehicles</li> <li class="Default">Other duties as assigned</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p class="Default">Skills Required</p> <ul> <li class="Default">Effective listening and strong communications skills</li> <li class="Default">Relationship building skills</li> <li class="Default">Highly organized and detail-oriented</li> <li class="Default">Ability to multi-task and prioritize work in a fast-paced environment and handle moderate stress environment</li> <li class="Default">Some proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Internet, and the ability to learn company-specific programs</li> </ul> <p class="Default">Qualifications</p> <ul> <li class="Default">College degree or at least one year of related supervisory experience preferably in a trucking environment</li> <li class="Default">Strong oral, verbal communication, and typing skills</li> <li class="Default">Previous supervisory or management experience preferred</li> <li class="Default">Knowledge of FMCSA and DOT regulations</li> <li class="Default">elog experience is a plus</li> </ul>