Election Workers Needed!


Van Buren Township, MI

Van Buren Township

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Paid Volunteer

Overview: Van Buren Charter Township&nbsp; has Ten (10) voting precincts&nbsp; and three (3) absentee voting boards. &nbsp;An election worker is a hired, paid and trained local government worker that assists with running local elections. Inspectors are expected to attend trainings, &nbsp;greet and check-in voters, issue ballots to voters and assist &nbsp;voters with tabulating their ballots. All Elections workers are under the direction of the Township Clerk and/or their designee
Responsibilities: Van Buren is looking for individuals familiar with skills in organization, customer service, project management and computer software and technology. If you are hired to serve, you will receive official training from the clerk&rsquo;s office on how to run elections in accordance with Michigan election law.&nbsp;
Requirements: <p>In order to serve as an election inspector in Michigan, you: Must be at least 16 years of age.</p> <ul> <li>Must affiliate with a political party (per Michigan law, election inspectors may not identify as an independent or as unaffiliated)</li> <li>Must be a registered voter in the state of Michigan if you are 18+ years of age, or a resident of Michigan if you are 16 or 17 years of age.</li> <li>Must not have a felony or election crime conviction.</li> <li>Must not be an election challenger candidate, member of a candidate's immediate family, or a member of the local board of canvassers.</li> </ul>