Consumer Marketing Program Manager

Wellsmith is building solutions for the chronic health issues facing millions of Americans. We tackle complex problems at the cutting edge of healthcare, utilizing expertise in technology and consumer experience to construct products that enable people to take control of their health in a simple and actionable way.

Austin, TX


<p>The expertise and resources to live our best life are everywhere around us. What we lack is coordinated collaboration at the community level that expands access, understanding and better options. Enter Wellsmith&rsquo;s Health and Wellness Smart Cloud. Wellsmith is innovating where healthcare, community, and technology converge. Our cloud-based platform solutions deliver best-in-class health and wellness experiences to consumers demanding more insights and support from their doctors, their insurers, their communities and even their devices.</p>

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Overview: <div>Wellsmith is a team of experienced, interdisciplinary executives, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and care-providers that live and work at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and consumer experience. We build health and wellness solutions for real people and best outcomes at all stages of life.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>We have an opportunity in Austin, TX seeking to hire a&nbsp;<strong>Consumer Marketing Program Manager&nbsp;</strong>to join an extraordinary team.</div>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Lead the marketing of the consumer experience - support, motivate, retain and sell solutions to those &lsquo;users&rsquo; or consumers who have had Wellsmith prescribed to them</li> <li>Research, design and run programs that drive consumer engagement with the Wellsmith Platform</li> <li>Maximize the effectiveness of our consumer based programs and campaigns</li> <li>Partner with local communities to build offerings/offers for the Wellsmith customer</li> <li>Collaborate with both Wellsmith and our customers to develop and deliver materials and deliverables in support of those product plans</li> <li>Work with Product Management to produce materials that enable more effective use of the platform</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Degree in Marketing, Communications or similar field</li> <li>Experience and understanding of consumers, marketing to consumers, and activating consumers</li> <li>Experience in building consumer programs, preferably in health or wellness</li> <li>Experience of working with partners or vendors to integrate their solutions into an offering or communication plan</li> <li>Aptitude for marketing and communications</li> <li>Demonstrated ability to work in a proactively diverse and inclusive organization</li> <li>Excellent, proven interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills</li> <li>Effective problem solving and mediations skills</li> <li>Demonstrated ability to share skills and knowledge with others</li> </ul>