Stair Builder

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Airdrie, AB

ZyTech Building Systems

ZyTech Building Systems supplies top quality roof trusses, floor truss, floor joist systems, lumber/beam packages, wall and floor components, stairs, along with design and engineering services. Our team boasts top performers in customer service, design, production and delivery, a team that provides you with total quality assurance. On every project, our designers use engineer-approved software to thoroughly examine and design your building. Our production facilities house the most technologically advanced computerized machinery available.

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Competitive wages + Group Insurance Benefits.

Overview: <ul> <li>A Stair Builder is responsible for the timely and accurate assembly of prefabricated stairs as well as participating in routine stair shop maintenance and involvement in ZyTech's Quality Control (Q.C.) and Health &amp; Safety programs.</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Stair orders will be built as per standard operating procedures or as dictated by the supervisor</li> <li>Prior to building, stair design layouts are to be scrutinized and thoroughly understood</li> <li>Precut lumber should be inspected and/or measured for proper length and possible damage ot other irregularities associated with quality control and standard operating procedures</li> <li>Upon completing a stair (order), the Stair Assembler will proceed to build subsequent orders or report to the Stair Supervisor for further instructions</li> <li>Thorough and complete organization of tools, materials and workstation and the cleaning and/or disposal of waste is required at all times</li> <li>Regular inspection and maintenance as required for tools machinery and any problems or irregularities to be reported immediately to the Supervisor</li> <li>All other duties as assigned by supervisor(s)</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Routine lifting and repetitive hammering motions are required and as such safe work practices should be adhered to</li> <li>A Stair Builder is required to be able to use and maintain various hand tools</li> <li>The comprehension of technical layout design for stairs is required</li> <li>Basic Maths skills and the ability to use a metric/imperial tape measure is required</li> <li>Heavy machinery and truck traffic, industrial manufacturing equipment, saws, power/air tools and the handling of potentially hazardous materials and any other hazards as described by immediate supervisors</li> <li>Protective clothing and equipment to be utilized and safe work practices adhered to as per ZyTech's Health &amp; Safety guidelines</li> </ul>